Spike's Misadventures in Tokusatsu

Well obviously he's too horrid duh.  Now here's what Spike was caught doing while travelling to other Tokusatsu franchises:

Samurai Sentai Shinkenger- He was caught stealing Genta's Sushi Morpher but nearly died in the attempt to become Shinken Gold.  Tried to kiss Mako only to end up kissing a Nanashi.

Kamen Rider Fourze- He enrolled in Amanogawa High School as an exchange student but was caught doing mischief inside the girls' locker rooms.  Yuki and Miu both clobbered him up.  He got suspended trying to harass Haruka-sensei as the girls caught him trying to take her picture while she was changing.

Kamen Rider Wizard- He fell into despair after Medusa pretended to like him and dumped him.  Oh boy and after that, now he's hitting Medusa's twin sister Mayu.

Fortunately the canon cops are called to deport Spike from all Tokusatsu INCLUDING Power Rangers.