Comcept's Mighty No. 9 at the Works and Recalling My Megaman Days

It's been some time since Keiji Inafune got out of Capcom which became Crapcom not ever since Sigma, Albert Wesker and General Vega took over.  So far, as a Megaman fan I still CANNOT get over the crap treatment my favorite blue robot series Megaman suffered from.  I mean, why kill a series immediately when it was still doing so well like I mean Megaman released really good games especially the X series.  Megaman Legends 3 being aborted was so uncalled for... yeah I know Megaman Volnutt is not the original Megaman.  Once again thanks to Orends Range for this piece of information.  Just today it reaches the kickstarter campaign goal.

Here's a screenshot of the sample gameplay.  Knowing Keiji Inafune he has released a lot of good games in the past and I really am so stuck because Megaman was my favorite video game vice.  In fact, I could remember Inafune's quality work especially with Megaman X, my favorite Megaman franchise of all time.  I hope Inafune maintains his quality as much as possible with this Megaman spin-off.

Inafune's creation spawned several Megaman series.  One we have the Megaman and Megaman X series to which is in the same continuity taking one hundred years apart plus it's speculated but never confirmed X is simply Megaman reprogrammed since Zero was also an invention (and supposed successor) of Dr. Wily.  Then we have the non-canon Megaman Legends to which it takes in a totally separate space returning back to Megaman's lighter and softer roots in contrast to Megaman X being darker and edgier.  Megaman X released one awesome RPG- Megaman X Command Mission!  If Capcom is greedy enough, they should return Megaman to the regular line!

Megaman being a fighting game character was a REAL thrill to me.  I mean, really when he entered into Marvel vs. Capcom 1 and 2, it was pretty exciting having him around.  But the fact he had to be unlocked in Marvel vs. Capcom 2 for me was a grim sign of him going down but at least he was still unlockable.  But sigh, they didn't put him in Marvel vs. Capcom 3, not even Megaman X!  Marvel vs. Capcom 3 was a real BUMMER with that for me.

Capcom or should I say CRAPCOM must realize to how much Megaman Legends 3 was waited for.  In fact, I was expecting this non-canon to the original Megaman game to appear in the PS2 and XBox.  But sigh, why Capcom why?  I mean, I want to really get the whole Elder System thing explored and present a badass villain, maybe even make a non-canon version of Sigma for this game!  To be honest, I enjoyed both Megaman Legends game even after I discovered that Megaman Legends was a totally separate entity from the original Megaman.

Megaman in Smash Brothers is fun but too bad I'm not much of a Nintendo fan.  But this fact made Fantasy Leader and me happy after all the crap Megaman passed through thanks to CEO Sigma, Wesker and General Vega's decision to be crappy so they can have their revenge.