Maybe My Craziest Ambition as a Child... Become the World's Greatest Genius!

Perhaps I'd like to think of the craziest ambition I had a child around 7-8 years old in my quest to become the world's greatest genius.  Yup, call me crazy but I wanted to become once the world's greatest genius without being aware that such an experiment might even be fatal to one's health.

Well for one, I thought that I wanted to do some "electrical stimulation" like those in the cartoons to slowly increase my IQ from average to above average to super genius.  Hee hee, I just thought that it's no wonder why that Bioman episode revealing Dr. Man's dark secrets scared me as a child XD.  That was because, while seeing Dr. Man trying to become the world's greatest genius I saw myself in it but I was glad I wasn't one.  My aim before as a child was to slowly but surely increase my IQ and make it match with the calculating efficiency with the computer to make myself better that Mathematics to which is my Waterloo.

Yup. Dr. Man after performing the experiment on himself aged decades which put his life at a huge risk.  Unfortunately in real life, it's impossible to go from human to mecha-human without killing one's self. XP  What is freakier is that I sought to even become a complete cyborg so I could live beyond normal human limits and no longer limit myself to normal human capabilities.  Just my thought if such a machine existed and I were to use ot as a child, I don't know how old I'd be physically by today.  Just freaked out to think it was once my ambition to create an army of robotic minions to help me take over the world.

What freaked me out also was that I used to have the obsession of collecting the brains of geniuses and using them on myself to become the world's greatest genius.  Heh, I had that idea long before I saw Liveman. =P  In my case, I wanted to become more intelligent above everyone else so I can get even with all the people bullied me then use that knowledge to become evil ruler of the world.

Just a note to self... don't compare reality with what is only fiction!