Recalling the Megaman Franchise As I Played Through It

The fighting robot... MEGAMAN.... fighting saving the WORLD!  Now for what I remember about that game.  I felt like this game had plenty of Tokusatsu influence mainly Metalder and Kikaider.  Would be cool though to make a non-canon Megaman Tokusatsu.  But first, Rockman is the Japanese version, Megaman is the international version.

The Megaman game for me was what took over my fandom for the Super Mario franchise (which was I was still a NES owner back then before I stopped having Nintendo products).  It was the story of a blue robot who was fighting against the forces of Dr. Albert Wily and he was created by Dr. Thomas Light with his supposed "sister" Roll.  I thought the gameplay was something where you select a stage where you want and spend some countless hours figuring out the boss weaknesses.  There were six Megaman games for the NES, I only played Megaman 7 via rental (and later via the Megaman Anniversary Collection for the PS2) and Megaman 8.  Megaman 8 had more challenging level designs but were easier in terms of control plus weapon energy was refilled every time you lost a life in 8.  Just so far to make level designs tougher if the controls were easier to avoid a lack of balance.  Megaman 7's introduction of the anti-hero Bass (who was more of a nuisance villain than Dr. Wily's want to take over the world) was cool considering that Protoman was once an enemy of Megaman then Bass takes over.  Bass for me is a cool anti-hero considering he only wants to beat Megaman, nothing more and I assume either he was shut down by Dr. Wily or he was upgraded into Zero.  No official word on that.  However nothing was left to explain the gap in between Megaman and Megaman X.  This game took place in the year 20XX suggesting it took place in the 2000s.  The games themselves had glitches which were later removed from the anniversary edition.  Two downloadable games namely 9 and 10 were created but neither were really what I thought should be done... why no new Megaman game from the store?!

Megaman X was a radical departure of the silly nature of Megaman.  Taking literally 100 years later, Dr. Light created a new Megaman model called X- whether or not he was simply the same Megaman rebooted is left unknown.  X teams up with a mysterious robot named Zero.  What I like about this series was not only its darker and edgier setting but also the main villain Sigma is so damn badass.  In fact. Sigma has the personality of extreme sadism and before that, he was once a Maverick Hunter.  The game in itself had animal-based robot masters instead of the usual "-man" suffix.  Megaman X's and Zero's adventures just get more intense and the challenge was to collect Megaman X's armor pieces to complete the game.  Megaman X4 introduced more fun elements especially with the ability to play as Zero with his Z-Saber than a buster gun.  X5-X8 introduced multiple armors for X which he can only use one per mission.  I thought the Zero being Dr. Wily's last robot and supposed successor was an interesting take considering that Megaman X and Zero are the best of friends.  Zero imo is Dr. Wily's most powerful robot.  Sigma's really getting more badass per game and I thought Kaiser Sigma form from Megaman X3 was the most annoying to beat since he had NO weapon weakness.  In Megaman X5, Sigma did some classic Megaman X1 fighting (while hinting X is the same Megaman as 100 years ago) and in X6, he shows just how badass he is to keep returning to harass Megaman X and Zero.  The introduction of Axl was like another Bass introduced except he was a good guy.  The X8 game for me had good gameplay but was disappointing since I wanted Sigma as the final villain and Lumine was well... too random.

The original Megaman appeared in Marvel vs. Capcom 1 and 2 as a regular fighter.  He was really an extremely cheesy character who could be easily mashed and abused.  In fact his Rush Drill can even go through team Hyper Combos.  Hee hee, my favorite fighter in both games!  His best non-canon move here had to be the Hyper Megaman which made him look like Mazinger Z and fire all that blasts!  Wow, I just love this little runt! =D

The Megaman Legends series is an interesting spin-off from the canon series.  Like Megaman EXE, Megaman Legends is NOT canon to the original Megaman which if you play Megaman Legends 2, read the diaries of Professor Gasket inside the Flutter to find out everything.  The entire story of Megaman Legends was that somewhere in the future, a Maverick Hunter named Megaman Trigger (later renamed Volnutt) protected Elysium and was later found in the form of a baby.  I dunno how Reploids grow up much more reproduce in this continuity.  Later the recurring enemies of the series were the Bonnes a group of Maverick Treasure Hunters who for me are a return to Megaman's comedic roots in contrast to Megaman X's dark and edgy plot.  The whole game was an adventure type and no charge up, Megaman Volnutt upgrades them and he fights against the Bonnes who could have been easily taken care off if they faced X, Zero and Axl.  The game has the mystery of the Ancients that was well covered in two games.  Too bad the third game was never released, not even for the Playstation 3 because the Ancients' story was getting interesting.  Seriously Capcom why did you cancel Megaman Legends 3?!