Cake Boss' Review on Sillybank: Why It's Not Worth It Investing Your Money There!

Hello guys.  This is Cake Boss whose real name is Kousei Kougami and I'm here to ramble my heart out of anger.  Why do I hate Sillybank?  The reason has to be this... Sillybank is silly.  It is very arrogant with their, "Because we're Sillybank" logo and their arrogance is so sky high.  Here's my bad experience...

I really HATE their staff and I am really not entertaining them whenever I see them outside their work place.  Mind you, why do they keep changing relationship officers?  I really find that very annoying and one gets worse than the other.  Many of them engage in arrogant bad behavior because they are Sillybank!  Last time, I really lost my temper to the point I had to call my lawyer to sue that lady relationship officer named Demona Xu who was driving me nuts by making me sign truckloads of paper and hasn't even worked on my bonds!

Why do they continue to insist on fax when the express mail is a lot more secure to give them instructions?  Do they even realize that faxed documents are more prone to danger plus you cannot fax a WHOLE BOOK you know!  Plus that machine has given me constant headaches to the point I would rather go there in person and I even gave them my documents in person yet they kept insisting me to fax it.  Then they wouldn't accept it because it was not typed on typewriter.  I really had to get a lawyer to fix them after they won't process my mail because I won't bottle mail to them!

Overall, don't be fooled by super high interest rates!  They're gonna suck your medals dry!  In fact, I wish Sillybank will be Rider Kicked out of history.  Gotta call OOO to get rid of it!


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