Sooner or Later, Nickelodeon Girls Will Graduate

Well as a Nickelodeon fan, I would think it's time to really write about it that sooner or later, Nickelodeon girls will graduate like the AKB48 group which is something that people must accept.  Why's that?  After all, Nickelodeon is more of a career launcher than a stable career like Disney, Super Sentai, Power Rangers and Kamen Rider for the main cast.  Looking at stuff, looks like Ciara Hanna's graduation from Nickelodeon is just around around the corner after Power Rangers Megaforce, her first major role.

Emma Roberts is one.  After some time doing kid's shows and movies like Nancy Drew and Hotel for Dogs, she's crossed the line into more mature rules such as 4321, Twelve and she has starred in the adult series American Horror Story as the spoiled brat Madison with one provocative scene after the episode her character got molested.

I think Victoria Justice's graduation may just be around the corner.  Hmmm I wonder what mature roles she will take on?


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