Why You Shouldn't Invest Money in Arrogant Banks

Be careful of a bank that claims to be the best and has its arrogant staff.  Why?  Based on my experience, they can be such a headache and two, once you enter it can be very difficult to get out of that abusive relationship.  You could consider the following consequences:

1.) The staff are very discourteous and will drive you nuts.  Believe me, I've had to deal with bad relationship officers and they change a lot all too often.  Compared to good banks that don't change their relationship officers all too often, you can land on an incompetent staff member.  Even the manager needs to get fired sooner or later.

2.) You could consider they make your life a hassle with unnecessary stuff.  I can understand secure details but one thing is certain, you really can get stuck with signing too many papers or doing absurd requests for them.  I can understand if they want standard mailing or express mailing for secure documents but fax?  Mind you, fax machines are pretty not secure considering the fact that the feed IMMEDIATELY comes out and that fax documents fade easily compared to express mail.  This can also include withdrawing, investing and depositing money.

3.) If you can think about it, they might even run away with your cash.  Arrogant banks are most likely going to use your money to spend for their extravagant getaways rather than making reasonable loans that earn interest.  Just think about it, you deposited your money in the bank to keep it safe and to grow and they may end up spending it for their five star abroad trips!

4.) These banks are prone to collapse.  As said, pride comes before the fall.  If you read number three, I would really like to state a lot of these banks are pretty spendthrift and may be using the client's money for their own personal pleasures.  I personally would say, such banks will only make the clients poor.

If you want a good investment, go for conservative banking.


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