Are Pinoy Pridists PROUD of the Philippine Government Agencies?

The Philippine government offices just prove how incompetent the Philippines is.  Going there is like a butthurt for anybody punctual.  Line up early in the morning, long lines, you really have to WAIT and what is the person doing?

You can start with this one.  Really, sleeping on the job or goofing off on the job.  You can see a lot of these bad habits like doing their grooming inside the office, listening to earphones on the job, sleeping, playing PC games, doing Facebook, etc. which really causes the liens to get longer than usual.  Worse, even the managers can be very stupid to even not reprimand people who are goofing off.  So we think about this...

Like it or not, a LOT of crime and I mean a LOT goes unpunished.  From the common tax evasion to doing even bigger crimes.  So why is that?  Because the people working at the government are incompetent and sleeping on the job!  You can think about how many illegal transactions get "legal" because of such stupidity.

Plenty of falsified reports.  Want it falsified?  Just pay.  While the Contemplacions couldn't have paid the autopsy to lie but some leftists can do so.  I mean, the Delia Maga autopsy looking that it came from a leftist autopsy was most likely fabricated.  In fact, a lot of fake documents happen including diploma mills and fake thesis books.  It should be something to prove that a lot of government agencies are a cesspool of falsehood.

Really are they proud of this garbage?