Remembering the Aguirre Incident and What It Revealed About Pinoy Pride

Aguirre's incident really proves a lot of times that many Filipinos have their severely misplaced priorities.  When we examine the minor offense he did, we also realize that a lot of prosecutors should be detained for their habitual misbehavior.

First, we should tackle on Miriam Defensor Santiago's lecture against the whole prosecution.  While I can't agree to her overly angry tone and name calling but one thing was revealed, the prosecutors were very unprepared.  Eight down to six down to two evidences, what in the world?  Really, you have to think that while Miriam was gone overboard but she did reveal to misplaced priorities and incompetence.  You can see the prosecutors were unprepared and had a lot of disrespect for the whole Senate.  I mean, more than just covering their ears it has become a habit for them to play games while listening to the lecture and treat the whole Corona matter as just a game ignoring tax money.  Miriam did the right thing the wrong way but still, I can't blame her for her loss of temper.  Also it showed how the prosecution cannot follow simple guidelines.

Second, the offense of Vitaliano Aguirre Jr. in the Senate.  It reveals how balat sibuyas many Filipinos are and not just Aguirre who covered his ears while suffering in silence.  The Senate itself proved to how misplaced their priorities are.  I mean, for one what he did was plan and simple- MINOR disrespect!  There's the whole investigation to be done so why pause just because of a minor act?  I mean, admonition is the only remedy for minor disrespect that he did.  Days were wasted deciding on his punishment when he could have just been admonished immediately for what he did.  He could have been immediately admonished the next day for his offense and justice is done.

Third, it reveals the attitude of Pinoy pridists.  Some people commented that Atty. Aguirre should have not apologized for what he did.  Truth is, Miriam's statements are plain butthurt to Pinoy pridists.  Why is that?  She has revealed a lot of bad habits of not being ready for important stuff and prioritizing the trivial stuff.  To say Aguirre should have not apologized is what I'd say taking pride in breaking guidelines.  This reveals how Pinoy pridists think they are so great to make heroes out of people who break rules.  In fact, I even think they should be locked up in a cell forced to listen to Miriam's tirades in full volume with hands tied as to teach them a very important lesson rather than Aguirre's minor offense.