The Cinderello Mentality of Some Pinoy Pridist Men?

I was thinking of it that if there are Pinays who are always looking for wealthy husbands for escape routes, it may not be surprising for many if you'll actually see Pinoy men with their various "quick escape" habits.  In fact, you'll probably see this... the classic con artist who pretends to be rich so they can get their wants.

You can probably imagine them pretending to be rich.  I had my thought meeting some Pinoy men who are braggarts, some will brag of things they never had.  In fact, one was bragging to be a millionaire but he was really living in this kind of area...

They are living in butthurt, dirty squatter's area.  They start to have their "high expectations" in living so they look rich then they con gullible rich girls into giving them money.  They brag they are so rich but poof, you might discover they aren't rich after all.  Just reminded me they probably started stealing some expensive clothes whenever they could or whatever to "look rich" or start bragging how rich they are, provided they are very convincing con artists.  Some of them might actually be drug pushers as well so they can con rich girls and get rights to the girls' money which is again, just very bad.  Some may not be squatters but are still considered "poor".

Some of them may be dreaming of even marrying celebrities or even white girls so they can "escape" which is again, stupid. I mean it's like as if white girls will marry bums like them. =P  It's always reminding me of some crazy laborer who wanted to marry Marian Rivera so he can get an instant jackpot.