The Sad Story of OFWs?

Some Pinoy pridists would love to gloat about Filipinos going abroad but there's one thing that's already stuck- the sad story of OFWs.  One can look at the sad story of Flor Contemplacion and her family- a lazy husband, three sons who are lazy and well sad to say Russel still believes her mom is innocent.  But let's not isolate the case to Flor's family- we should look at a bigger picture beyond Flor.

So why so many OFWs?  Is it because Filipinos are so good or is it because the government is so bad?  The story lies with the reality that many Filipino students take courses not because they want to but because it's in demand abroad like engineering, nursing and some become flight attendants.  So they say they are unsung heroes but if you want to think about it, some of them are even forced to go abroad for these reasons:

1.) The government's economic policies.  Why do they still have their Filipinos first policy in business matters or extreme favoritism of Filipinos?  One of the stupidest policies ever in the Philippines is the 60/40 policy on foreigners.  Look at America, Singapore, Taiwan, China and other developed countries- they allow 100% ownership for foreigners as long as they pay taxes and comply with the laws.  Not in the Philippines.  This causes job scarcity in the process.

2.) Extravagant living.  Many Filipinos are spendthrift like it or not.  Can't afford?  They loan.  Can't afford?  Charge it to the credit cards.  Since they want more money, what happens is that well sometimes even the wife and not the husband flies abroad.  This was the case of all OFWs either innocent or guilty.  Hmmm I guess that's another reason why those Pinoy pridists want to spare guilty OFWs because they are parasites to them huh?

3.) Lazy families and relatives.  When I was watching Russel Contemplacion's story, while I don't believe her mother was innocent but I'll just raise some issues that were true.  Imagine the three brothers keep borrowing from her and never returning, she has a lazy husband with all the poor excuses in the world.  Also, it's typical in the Philippines to even raise their lazy relatives like a brother raising a lazy nephew who is born from a lazy sibling.

Really it's time to wake up.  In fact the Philippines will probably get destroyed by OFWs instead of being saved by them if this continues.


  1. What's more, our "beloved" president still refuses to give an apology. If he does care about OFW's in Hong Kong, he should've done that. But nope, they're expendable for him and his minions...


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