The Screwed Up Film That Was the Flor Contemplacion Movie!

Pinoy pridists would still hail the film for winning at the Cairo Film Festival, Flor's twin sons appeared as themselves and there was some truth about how stupid Pinoy pridists can be.  Now for one thing, I have relatives in Singapore, I have Filipino friends who work at Singapore and there's been a great contrast between the Philippines and Singapore.  In contrast to the myth of Singapore being a police state like North Korea, it is a very stable economy with jobs, economic freedom, personal security and respect for rule of law.  On the other hand the Philippines is almost a rathole in its capital where there's high unemployment (which puts some OFWs at risk for working in real danger as well because they might end up working in really dangerous countries), bad economic policies and people who just can't follow rules resulting in high crime.

In fact, I was thinking of the whole case between Flor Contemplacion's three year and three months investigation vs. what the film had to show.  Now for the whole family of Flor was obviously this- they probably had the victim mentality because of their poverty.  The dad was irresponsible to fool around, you can also think that the later government funding given to the family for their alleged "injustice" just showed what kind of family the were.  The sons were mostly irresponsible so because of their spendthrift habits, they enter into the drug business.  Would have they been in China, they would have been hanged.  Poverty doesn't excuse anybody and riches doesn't automatically make a person evil.

Now for the whole Delia Maga case... I believe that the whole autopsy done in the Philippines was a fabrication.  I mean, why do some credible Filipinos choose to get an autopsy abroad?  It's because a lot of Filipino services tend to fabricate.  Pay money, they give you a false result of a DNA test.  It's very common. In Singapore, you CANNOT do that.  In fact, I believe Delia Maga was really killed by suffocation and her diary proved credible.  I just thought that in Singapore, regardless who breaks the law, they really deal with it.  It's just so crazy to why they all think she was killed by her employer.  I just had a thought that while in respect for Delia Maga the diary shouldn't be fully read but, the police can share what they saw.

Now for Flor as the killer.  I was thinking for the death of four year old Nicholas Huang, I was thinking there was some real foul play.  So why would she kill a kid?  My only speculation behind this was that, Flor killed Nicholas because he discovered she was stealing something.  Now this is what I don't want to say is truth, this is just my speculation.  If she killed the kid, then Delia Maga found out and to hide the evidence she kills the latter.  I just thought that looking at the case, it's stupid to kill persons to hide evidence.  This was just my thinking of what could have happened.

Also, the picture of Flor's supposed treatment in prison.  I can say it's all been part of the imagination of the writers and directors!  How can I say that?  In documentaries or accurate history films, they don't show too much conversation of what they know didn't happen.  However in here, Flor was shown to be tortured and drugged which was nothing more than a "last minute testimony" by another guilty Filipina.  The whole electric shock and water treatment?  I'd believe that happened if it were in North Korea, NOT Singapore.  And yes, this film is a load full of trash and should be rejected by any healthy minded Filipino!