Why Whites Start to Age Faster?

Well I'm thinking about whites and aging faster.  So why is that?  Well I'm posting here the picture of Italian hottie Vanessa Hessler and I hope she doesn't age fast.  So what's going on?  Now to debunk the myth I'd like to present some greater deals...

Ursula Andress at 40 years old when she met her former boyfriend Harry Hamlin who was 15 years her junior.  So pretty much, she does just looks right her age in here and I don't mind calling a 70 year old pretty if she aged gracefully!  As of late, Harry Hamlin is still handsome for his age as an aging man.  Now for what really is killing them?

Like it or not, smoking is what is causing this.  So yeah, I'm glad Emma's never gonna be mine because I have quit smoking quite some time and she is really addicted to it so there (but Addie in my fic isn't).  Hee hee.  Now moving on, smoking does deteriorate and I'll admit that it causes premature aging among whites more than among blacks and orientals.  And maybe another...

The under the knife is another.  Pamela Anderson's repeated surgeries made her age really fast.  Sigh.  Now she look like a senior citizen after all those unnecessary surgeries!

And of course tanning.  Tanned skin looks good only on naturally tan people, never artificial tanning.  I guess a lot of whites age faster because of all that sun bathing and tanning is destroying them.

I just hope this raises concern on white people to stop these activities!


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