Satirical News: Cake Boss Calls Pinoy Pridists a Problem for Decent Filipinos

Cake Boss had earlier expressed how he disliked how the cybercrime law was written together with how Pinoys cried out he was racist for firing Pinoys who were causing problems for him, now decides to Pinoy pridists as a problem for decent Filipinos.

"There are many Filipinos who succeed.  I like the songs of Christian Bautista, Regine Velasquez and Lea Salonga-Chien.  I am a fan of Leondro Locsin's architecture and he helped design part of my infrastructures.  I would like Michael Christian Martinez to come to America to skate with others, he reminded me of great American skaters of humble beginnings.  However the problem is when these Pinoys or low-class Filipinos try to apply for a post, get rejected for the right reasons and say they should be accepted because they are Filipinos like those I just mentioned.  However they are Pinoys or lowly Filipinos, not the true Filipino at heart.  Pinoys are nothing more than a problem to decent Filipinos anywhere." said Cake Boss.

Cake Boss had cited some problems to why he fired some bad Filipino workers which he calls Pinoys.  He says, "It's a sad issue that it's hard to figure out which Filipino is a Pinoy or who is a real one.  For one, Pinoys have gloated over the successes of Filipinos saying they are the best race ever.  But all I can say is this.  Leondro Locsin doesn't make all Filipino architects great.  I hired him because he was a competent one unlike Pinoy architects who make such sloppy work.  As said, decent Filipinos must reject Pinoys as their countrymen but treat them as a menace before the Philippines is destroyed.  Sad to say, more Pinoys than Filipinos rule the country.  Fortunately some Pinoys have ceased being Pinoys and become Filipinos."

Meanwhile Cake Boss while he is open to accept all races to work for him with Power Rangers as a slogan of racial equality from his higher ups at Toei Limited, he however warned, "Filipinos who choose to remain Pinoys like raising a lazy kin will also be laid off.  My company Cake Boss Brands is not a leech breeding factory."  Toei had also conditioned Cake Boss that he can continue to produce Power Rangers out of Super Sentai as long as he doesn't hire Pinoy pridists into his company.