Satirical News: Cake Boss Fires Pinoy Maids, More React to This Guy as a "Racist Greedy Jewish Swine"

After firing some Pinoy employees, he had recently fired Pinoy maids who were caught by his surveillance camera and Filipino security guards in the Cake Boss Mansion in the act of breaking of his privacy.  What was also lost was the jewelry collection of Cake Boss' wife Cheryl and of course, some of the money Cake Boss had placed in his safe just in case he needed cash to pay the salaries of all his housekeepers.  But what happened was that some Pinoy maids were caught in the act of stealing valuable items and worse, the three of them was even caught murdering a Filipino maid who tried to report to Cake Boss the incident by writing a letter since Cake Boss was away for a few days with his family.  The Filipino maid was named Delia Matapat.  The Pinoy maids were identified as Flor Magnanakaw, Virginia Manloloko and Maria Mamamatay.

"It's a sad incident that Pinoys are trouble around the world.  Filipinos must have nothing to do with them.  Pinoys as I've always said it are the bad Filipinos who think they are so special.  Filipinos are awakened, not Pinoys.  I have read Get Real Philippines and I agree with that fact that Pinoys are loud and arrogant and should not be confused with Filipinos.  Pinoys might be Filipino by blood but they are low scum traitors to their country because they want to keep a culture of immorality and stupidity.  Even if President Nobita will beg me not to fire them, he is not in America.  Does President Nobita think he rules the world?  In whatever country you are, follow the law!  Michael Fay deserved to have his ass caned in Singapore for vandalism, he needed to be taught a lesson!  Same with Flor Contemplacion, Elizabeth Bitayin, Ramon Non-Credo, Sally Violationa- they all deserved their sentences." said Cake Boss.

Delia Matapat was working for Cake Boss as a maid.  A week before her death, she had made arrangements to go home to the Philippines having made enough money to get out of poverty.  Unlike her three companions, she didn't remit any OFW money to her lazy relatives.  All of them were allowed to communicate with their children.  However it was a mistake for Cake Boss to openly give Delia Matapat her resignation fee of USD 10,000 for her loyal service.  Delia Matapat expressed her desire to go home to the Philippines already as she had missed her family.  Cake Boss understood her feelings and let her resign so she can reunited with her children.  Unfortunately her last good deed landed her dead.

"I feel sorry for the family of Delia Matapat.  Sad to say she was killed while wanting to return home after her ten years of loyal service to me to her family.  Her husband died so young, her children had to be raised by a relative and she just wants to be with them so I respected her wishes.  Reportedly, she wanted to report the three maids namely Flor Magnanakaw, Virginia Manloloko and Maria Mamamatay of stealing money from my drawer based on her letter to me.  Maybe I should have not given her the USD 10,000 quite openly in the house.  She was a faithful servant of mine so I respected her decision to resign.  I wanted her children to be reunited with her so the more I honored her decision.  It was no threat, she just wanted to be back to the Philippines.  She had the money after all needed to start her dream business." said Cake Boss.  The surveillance camera showed that Maria Mamatay was beaten up by the two maids then Flor Magnanakaw got a jumping rope to kill Delia Matapat.  Delia Matapat was going to leave on the day Cake Boss left for a business meeting with Toei, she had everything packed already but she had her heroine complex, she always loved to see right prevail.

Cake Boss had the body autopsied, himself being examined by a lie detector and certified results were given.  The body was taken to Singapore for a second autopsy before it arrived to the Matapat household.  The Matapat family have lost their parents.  Their father died after being killed in Singapore by a Pinoy named Maahas Traidor while working as a security guard there.  Fortunately for the Matapat children, their uncle Jose Matapat didn't train them to be lazy and taught them to save the money.  The Matapat children were admitted into their uncle's household due to their minority.  The autopsy had proven that Delia Matapat died of strangulation though leftist media want to make it look like Cake Boss killed her, like the same fabrication that happened to Delia Maga's autopsy.  The Matapat children Joel and Jun-Jun didn't want to be interviewed and wanted to be left alone.  But all that was mentioned was that Cake Boss gave them some Power Rangers stuff during the last time Delia Matapat went home for the holidays.

Jose Matapat said, "Me and my wife Jacqueline regret to say that Delia was a victim of her own fellow Filipinos.  Why do the leftists insist that Cake Boss killed her?  The body was brought back to us in good condition.  We all want to testify to the lies of Migraine International.  If there was any real victim, it was my sister Delia.  Delia's husband's murderer Maahas will be scheduled to be hanged and yet Migraine Internationale want him spared?  Really, let Maahas return here and he will cause trouble to the country.  I thank Singapore for getting rid of the criminals the Philippines was unable to do so."  Unlike Flor Contemplacion, sadly no heroine's welcome was given to Delia Matapat.  But Cake Boss sent her body with an American flag draped over it saluting her as a heroine.  The reason according to some Pinoy pridists was that Delia Matapat would not feed her lazy extended family and chose only to feed her children.  She brought remittance but no expensive bring home gifts whenever she came back for the holidays which her boss permitted to her.  She usually got her vacation leave a week during Christmas and came back after the new year where she paid no attention to her lazy relatives.

On President Nobita, Cake boss replied, "President Nobita is really a huge coward and an idiot.  For one, why didn't he even support Michael Christian Martinez?  Moving on, I had Delia's body moved from America to the Philippines and it wasn't an easy thing because she was a true heroine.  She had exposed Flor Magnanakaw, Virgina Manloloko and Maria Mamamatay as criminals who had conned others and it was beyond me to discover their schemes.  Imagine that, no heroine's welcome for her.  I went there to the Philippines to find only her family awaited her body.  Her relatives scorned her for not giving them remittances except to her children.  She even sent notices that if the children would not study well, she would send lesser remittances.  OPW families are a problem.  Her funeral was spat upon by Pinoy pridists.  It's a shame that it had to happen.  Now they accuse me of murdering her.  How can I murder her when I was away when the incident happened?  The surveillance proves me innocent."

Meanwhile the three maids Flor Magnanakaw, Virginia Manloloko and Maria Mamamatay were just arrested.  With the surveillance camera as evidence of the murder, the three may soon be in death row.  Cake Boss says, "No matter how hard President Nobita sends his envoys here, the three will face justice for the death of the brave heroine Delia Matapat who not only reported crime in my household but also bravely reported crime everywhere she saw it.  Unfortunately I could not save her life."  Cake Boss was last seen going to the Philippines to give a heroine funeral for Delia Matapat while encouraging the Matapat family to continue the business they started and to save money for a better future.