Satirical News: Pinoy Pridists Try to Imitate Michael Christian Martinez in Russia, Only to Humiliate Themselves Further!

Well it's a sad fact that every time a Filipino succeeds, Pinoy pridists ride on that success.  In fact, he Michael Christian Martinez went to Russia with no Pinoy pride government support.  Also President Nobita had foolishly endorsed untrained, unprofessional Pinoy athletes to skate in Russia.  Worse, they were skating on thin ice to prove that all Filipinos are great skaters, like Michael Christian Martinez.  After the SM incident, some Pinoy pridists didn't learn their lesson and went to Russia as OFWs but only to skate there.

President Nobita decided to go ice skating too despite him not being trained to do so.  It was even worse that ABias-CBN went there to try and declare Pinoy pride.  The Pinoy pridists only made a fool out of themselves.  What was so funny was that the ice broke, they all fell into it and really made fools out of themselves on a live broadcast.  ABias-CBN's rival GMA was there too but presented a whole story especially on President Nobita's condition.

President Nobita was found to be chilling along them.  He did accept treatment from a Russian hospital while the other Pinoy pridists chose to die rather than be admitted to a Russian hospital.  One Russian who was impressed by Michael Christian Martinez said, "Well they aren't Martinez, why can't they get that?  That brave Filipino athlete was willing to say in Russian accommodation.  Sad to say, a lot of them died and now we'll have to deliver their bodies back to their relatives even if that stupid group called Migraine International will accuse us of murder.  In reality, they chose to drown themselves."