Satirical News: Some Pinoy Pridists Try to Imitate Michael Christian Martinez Only to Make a Fool Out of Themselves!

Some of the truest Filipinos like Henry Sy have made a huge welcome for Michael Christian Martinez and Gary V. made a tribute to him.  However Pinoy pridists who ride on the success of other Filipinos aren't just going to "quit it".  Now this was really funny when some Pinoy pridists hypocritically got into SM to prove at all Filipinos are good ice skaters or so they say.

It happened at SM Mall of Asia, some Pinoy pridists decided to brag about their ice skating skills which they didn't possess.  What they did was ridiculous.  They didn't even take lessons, they decided to prove to the world that all Filipinos will succeed like Michael Christian Martinez.  As they put on the skating shoes, it became so unusually stupid when they all injured themselves.  Pictures of the injuries are disclosed to the public due to the brutality it had.  News about the Pinoy pridists who made a fool out themselves at SM are still undisclosed.

This wasn't the first time that this unfortunate incident happened.  Pinoy pridists have always tried to ride on the successes of people like Lea Salonga-Chien, Leondro Locsin, Cecil Licad, etc.  One foreigner who admired Michael Christian Martinez's determination said, "This is absurd.  Filipinos who succeed don't succeed because they are Filipinos.  They succeed for who they are.  Those Pinoy pridists who tried to imitate their fellow Filipino who they didn't support proves how fair-weathered and stupid they are."


  1. How about exiling them in, say, Russia and have them skate on a frozen lake with thin ice... 3:)


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