The Juan Tamad Culture Among Pinoys

There's the writing in Philippine history books that the Filipinos are hardworking.  But what it fails to mention is that Pinoys are lazy.  In fact Get Real Philippines defines Filipinos as, "The Filipino, on the other hand, is the entity who has learned to use his brain. He/she is critical of the wrong things his/her government does. He/she dares to be more than Pinoy society is relegating him/her to be. He/she thinks rationally, unlike the Pinoy who is by default emotionally driven. He/she has learned to plan for the future by making sure he/she does not repeat the mistakes of the past. He/she has realized that the dysfunctional side of Filipino culture needs to change." but no, not the Pinoy.  Pinoys are degraded Filipinos.  I have discussed about the beggar culture, now may we discuss about the Juan Tamad culture.  These Juan Tamad are not necessarily street beggars or squatters, in fact they can exist among the working class from the family of simple laborers (who do dirty work due to extreme poverty) to the higher working class or maybe among the rich.  When we talk about Pinoys before after the rule of President Nobita, they do seem to have a high regard for the Juan Tamad culture.

Pinoys who gloat about the successes of Filipinos by blood abroad as proof they are the greatest race.  So recently we have the song composer from America namely Robert Lopez who won the award.  In the past we can cite of great Filipinos like Lea Salonga, Cecil Licad, Manny Pacquiao, Regine Velasquez, Leondro Locsin or I can also add Tony Tancaktiong (Sorry Pinoy pridists, he is still Filipino!) to the list of successful Filipinos.  In fact, I guess some of them are whining, overly whining why I mention Tony Tancaktiong because of their Pinoy pride.  In fact, heck Leondro Locsin isn't even pure Filipino either.  For the whole time when Robert Lopez said "Pinoy pride" I think it was very wrong.  It's his success.  Also, it made me think of Pinoys gloating, "You see, (insert name of Filipino) are the greatest in the world.  We Pinoys are the greatest in the world!"  They are too lazy to make their own success (even if it's not big) and choose to ride on successful Filipinos.

Then we have the OPW culture.  Since some OFWs are well I'd say working for themselves and not to feed lazy Pinoys so I created the term Overseas Pinoy Workers.  For them, they are special and the world can't do without them but let's see them tell that to the judges in other countries if they are ever sentenced to death for crimes worthy of death (ex. drug dealing, murder).  In the OPW family, you have the culture of Juan Tamad culture.  Remember Flor Contemplacion?  It will be her 19th death anniversary this year.  After looking at the situation of her husband and three sons were all wanting easy money.  Her husband was a habitual philanderer despite their lack of money.  Her three sons wasted all the money that the government gave them and later were sentenced to life for shabu dealing.  I guess the same went for the families of Elizabeth Bitayin, Ramon Non-Credo and Sally Violationa.  I mean, relative or not, a guilty person is a guilty person.

And while you think many of the poor are actually striving, face it sometimes the cause of poverty is laziness and not always oppression.  One can understand high poverty rates in dictatorships because the head of state treats the whole country like crap and trash, in a democracy poverty can happen because of laziness.  So much for President Nobita's saying that if there are no corrupt officials, nobody is poor.  Think about the urban poor in the Philippines who beg, rely on an OPW and then waste all the money on nonsense.  Gambling, womanizing, buying expensive stuff... really what kind of a mindset is that?  And at work, do they take it seriously?  No, they are even the type who aren't serious at work either!

It's definitely more fun in the Philippines for lazy people that is!