Remembering Them Family Computer Multicarts!

So yeah as a kid, I did remember these Family Computer multicards long before I had a Playstation 1 and later Playstation 2.  Not that I loathe all NES games as I do still play the classic Megaman games on my Playstation 2 on the Megaman Anniversary Collection.  I will admit here's one game that was pretty weird and full of hacks... and I wonder how did they fit ALL that in a single cartridge?

The Super 190 in 1 which usually contains more hacks and erroneously labeled games.  And of course you can expect something weird like the naming of Kinnikuman to Wrestling II (stupid pirates) to which was a pretty stupid game.  However the popularity of the Anime allowed another video game version of the Anime to be used.  Another one was naming that annoying game Super Dino Riki into Superman and three hacks of it were available!

Others I could remember also included an inferior version of the Aladdin game that tends to hang a lot, or another was I could name the infamous Mortal Kombat NES demakes by pirate companies which featured a SHORT Shokan character which was really but an insult to the franchise itself.

To play the full version of the fake Super Mario World game, one needed to get the 45 in 1 multicart.  I wasn't able to play the full NES fake version.  Later I played Super Mario World via an emulator itself.

So pretty much this has a lot of good and bad memories along with it too!