Satirical News: Toady Casino Proposes Anti-Japanese Bill

If the Anti-Chinese Bill and the Anti-American Bill were not enough, Toady Casino now proposes the Anti-Japanese Bill all because of this butthurt incident below...

Kamen Rider Gaim episode 22 showed the dump with the truck writing "Manila" which exposed Manila, the capital of the Philippines as a dirty rathole in itself.  Toady Casino was butthurt over the incident that presented the Philippines as a very bad country.

Despite the fact that Imperial Japan had long died and that the governments of Japan and the Philippines have both agreed to bury the samurai, Toady Casino however said, "I'm sure the Japanese people want to ridicule us Filipinos!  I must propose the anti-Japanese bill soon!"

According to Toady Casino, the anti-Japanese bill will have the following provisions:
  • Anime and Tokusatsu will be banned INCLUDING Power Rangers because even if Power Rangers is an American production, it's still linked to Japan.
  • No more Japanese products will be sold.
  • Paper will be Filipino version of paper, not Japanese.
  • Origami will be banned.
  • Japanese businesses will be criminalized and deported to Japan even if they follow business standards.

As of today, Miriam Defensor-Santiago who turned out to be a fan of Doraemon said, "Wah I can't believe that this idiot wants to ban the country that made Doraemon in the first place!"