A Lesson from the Mall of Asia Line: Learning to Settle For Less When Need Be!

After some people were crying over the VIP tickets of One Direction, one must realize that one could learn to settle for less sometimes.  I mean, let's face not everybody is a VIP.  I am definitely not one and I don't whine or bitch about it.  And for one, I watch some concerts myself and seldom, go to Hong Kong for it when I have time BUT sometimes you have to settle for less when you can't have more.  I mean, if I were to watch the One Direction concert and if I were a fan, I would settle for a lower cost ticket... I mean I can still enjoy the show right?  Besides for that PHP 18,000.00 I can actually buy myself more stuff.  I mean, if I had PHP 10,000 or more pocket money I would probably go to Chinatown, shop, buy more stuff and maybe go for some food trips before the concert.  Just practical financing, in fact I'm no financial guru either.

In life we can't always be on top and not everybody can be on top.  I mean, for one not everybody is influential.  I'm definitely not influential.  I don't really have much income, I live at a modest income.  I may have bonds and treasury bills but they aren't enough for lavish living.  And all I can say is, I salute every last person who bought the cheaper One Direction tickets for whatever reason it was.

What One Direction fans who lined up for next year's concert could have learned is this- the lowest ticket is NOT a sign of being low.  In fact, one can take the lowest rate ticket but can still enjoy the concert, the venue and well so what if they don't get VIP seats?  When I went to watch the F4 concert before, I took the lowest priced ticket.  For the rest of my money, I simply saved them for my needs.  Others were used for shopping, etc. while on that trip.  After all, going outside the country just to watch a concert can be a waste of trip, unless you also decide to spend some time also shopping and some food trips.  I mean, try to go to the location of the concert not just for the concert but to enjoy the beauty of the place.

Besides, I would like to spell what learning from NOT having a VIP can give.  We learn to value ourselves more, we learn to value money more.  We still learn what it means to be a fan.  One Direction provided many types of tickets and those who really can't afford the VIP ticket, it was a kind act that they could buy a lower priced ticket.  And with a lower priced ticket, I mean they can still sit down and chill.  They won't be sitting at the roof or from the toilet, they won't be sitting at rocks or thorns.  No, they will still sit at comfortable places.  And One Direction loves its fans regardless of what ticket they bought.  And those who had lower priced tickets, they are still fans nonetheless.  So don't cry, when more tickets arrive just select the tickets you can afford.  After all, you'll still watch the concert!

Besides, I remembered attending concert events not having the VIP seat or highest seats.  I did get VIP once but later realized I could have bought something else like a PSP or PS Vita.  And to think of it, all the lower seats were still having people supporting their favorite band cheering and still very happy, even if they had the lowest seats.  To be honest, I can still enjoy it nonetheless.  Not that I am for the pwede na yan culture, aim high but don't cry when you can't reach too high.  After all, it's best to aim high not to show off but rather, aiming high so one doesn't become sub-standard in living.