More Confessions of an Amy Jo Johnson Fan in the Past

So okay that photo isn't from MMPR, she guested in Campus Cops and sorry I don't have a better photo but I can discuss about my fandom of her and some silly things I did.  So here's what I thought.  Back in the 90s, MMPR was a monster hit but I was into the superficial side.  In fact, I can't help but admire how smoking hot she was.  And I was later shocked to learn she was 23 when the show began, which she looked like she was only 16 there!

Kimberly Hart was really my guilty pleasure and I cannot deny it.  I can remember how Kimberly Hart had her witty personality, she was kind of shallow at first but she has a heightened awareness for friends.  I remembered her friendship with Trini which was fun to watch.  I'll also confess my liking for Tommy was because of her.  Hehe.

I usually called MMPR as the "Kimberly show" for me.  I mean, I was so stuck wanting a girl who looks like her.  I would admit that during that time, I also did some rather absurd things like trying to buy a Kimberly Barbie doll with my allowance then I "stole" my sister's doll which got me into trouble with my parents.  Hehe.  I remembered having fantasies about having a girl like her.  I would say I did collect stickers of her which was a freaky habit... and my real first crush was a fan of her too.  My other freaky habits concerning the character was also talking a lot about her when it was time to talk about MMPR which made me sound like a girl.  Hmmm some people fail to discern why people do such stuff.

So yeah, MMPR staled, really staled with poor writing but I just stuck for her and watched it, hoping she would return but she didn't.  Sad to say she left and Catherine Sutherland took over, which while I didn't hate Kat, but I just wanted Kimberly back. =P  I would admit I started to think Amy Jo Johnson leaving the show was a bad thing but I considered it later, it helped her out rather than be reduced to just mere eye candy

I would confess I even watched the whole Turbo movie for her too which was for me, silly.  I mean that movie was really trash but I'd rather watch it over Toshiki Inoue's two disaster Showa Rider based films.  I would admit that I was thinking about her and Tommy reuniting but no.  Upset about the bad writing that she and Tommy aren't back?  Yeah.  But I was thinking I was watching it for her.  So pretty stupid.

For reality, I really just thought I wanted a girl who looks like her which can go to a weird direction.  In fact, I am pretty much dreaming on too hard for a white girl. =P