Oldie but Goodie: Why Vitaliano Aguirre Jr. is NO HERO!

Oldie but goodie... although the incident is back in the past but I felt like this is what is needed to be written especially that Miriam Santiago continues her tirades against incompetence (but she should change her mind about the removal of 60/40).  So Vitaliano Aguirre Jr. may have a board rating of 85.25% and Miriam Santiago only had a board rating of 78% but both passed, but the former is no hero.  So why is that?  Before you think I condone Miriam Santiago's use of "gago" towards the prosecutors, let us also consider the reality that Vitaliano Aguirre Jr. was also not showing courtesy as his opponent.

I would say that Miriam was getting overboard.  Come on, she should have lowered down her voice and not show she was angry when lecturing the incompetent prosecutors but I would have done so if I were in her place considering their INCOMPETENCE.  Calling anybody gago though I wouldn't agree that to be a room for impeachment, is still inappropriate nonetheless.  I mean if Aguirre did not want to listen to the Senator, he could have just raised his hand and asked permission to move out then filed a complain about Miriam's bad behavior.  Instead, he stayed and was being defiant showing everyone he was opposing the Senator by covering his ears.  Miriam was the last to notice but a lot noticed.  It was not only disrespect for Miriam who was going overboard but also for the whole Senate.

What happened next was that his attention was called by Unggoy Estrada.  Rather than get out after he said he did it on purpose because his ears hurt, what did he do?  He then made his "heroic speech" of empty words.  I mean he said something like, "If you demand respect, you must show respect."  But really, he lost ground there when he asked for respect when he just showed an act of disrespect.  I mean no matter how over the board a judge is, you do not show a defiant attitude.  He could have simply got out and filed a complain against Miriam's temper outburst but instead, he was trying to grab attention.  The result was that it resulted to him being a clown instead of a hero.

So what was wrong with Aguirre aside from the covering of the ears?  He said something as stupid that in his 40 years of practice, it's his first time to be lectured by a lawyer?  So where did his high grades go?  Where did his 85.25% rating go?  It went nowhere.  Miriam may have only had 78% but she has become an expert in the law through experience.  Plus, if Aguirre said it is wrong to lecture a lawyer, wasn't he lecturing Miriam?  I mean, he knew she was already angry he could have just immediately apologized and moved out of court.  Instead, he showed his lack of respect that resulted to his admonition for punishment.

Besides he should be thankful he wasn't at the People's Court with Judge Marilyn Milian or he might even get worse punishment.

Really all he can ask is was it worth it?