Pinoys and One Direction Towards STUPIDITY!

I can understand people's love for music.  I mean I'm a fan of Lang Lang, Daniel Zhang, F4, 5566 and a lot more.  I can remember some events when F4 before they disbanded had their concerts.  I update on fan events but here's one thing I can think about these Pinoy fans of One Direction.  They are heading towards one direction alright- one direction of STUPIDITY!  This picture was from the SM Mall of Asia and they are here just for that ticket, rather than for some useful cause like overthrowing the oligarchy system!

And here's a fan bragging about getting ready to buy a super duper expensive ticket?  WTF!  No wonder many Pinoys with their spendthrift culture lack money when they need it.  And blessed are the poor?  Really, how nice would it be to live a life of utter difficulty, scraping food from the trash cans or stealing food all because of their utter obsession with One Direction?  All that money that was there could have been deposited in the bank, made into a cash investment like the treasury bill or time deposit than to pay for a hour or two concert.  And yeah, not everyone will get an autograph either!

So really, and then a lot of them are crying as if it's all that important?  Please save those tears for something really important like the death of a pet or a loved one, or save those tears for failures you might get like being cheated or failing a test.  In fact, save those tears for something meaningful instead of just this One Direction fanaticism!

Plus I hope this entry will awaken their minds about their stupid fandom, that the SHOULD put it under control!


  1. To be honest, I'm not that annoyed with these One De-erection fans going gaga over their idols. I mean, I could recall one time when I literally cried and/or sulked due to not being able to go to some anime conventions. So therefore, I can relate to them in a way; and me calling them stupid, at least in my case, would make me a double-standard hypocrite...

    What annoys me more than this fanaticism for One De-erection is media giving a lot of hell about it. I mean, I know they report, for instance, about anime/cosplay conventions sometimes, yet they don't even give in-depth reports about these unlike with this hysteria over One D (you may also replace One D with Bieber, Lady Gaga, or whoever artist you want). Like I said before, this "news" is only in the same level as Kris Aquino's affairs, Vhong Navarro's case, or Ai Ai announcing that she just had her pussy tightened.

    So at the end of the day, all I can say is I could care less about these 1D fans going way too gaga over their idols; but what annoys me more than this is how media is giving way more hell about it...


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