Pinoys and Putting Top Priority with Favorite Artists

Okay I'm not against having favorite music bands, I am a fan of several Chinese artists but I do not do a pilgrimage for them.  Sad to say but a lot of Pinoys just place too much priority on things they really don't need like the Muricans do.  You might as well think of the stupidity of the Kontemplasyon twins Joel and Jun Jun.  They wasted the film royalties where they starred as themselves in that leftist movie.  They didn't use it to improve their lives but rather squandered the money for nonsense.

It's something that fans of the band "One Direction" were lining up at the Mall of Asia to buy that ONE VIP TICKET and really, as if they will die without it.  I was thinking of the news of such stupidity.  I find it pathetic to how these people cried because they could not get the VIP tickets.  I mean come on, they are NOT kids anymore!  I can understand if as a child I cried over missing an episode of Bugs Bunny but this is utterly stupid.  They need to get a life!  And really, as if One Direction even knew them!  And the VIP tickets cost that much.  They should just save that money for time deposits, bonds, etc. knowing that a lot of them aren't having so much money.  Come on, if I were a fan of the band, I would settle for a cheaper ticket for a one hour and a half or two concert. 

I might even dare bring the stupid fandom up.  It reminded me of some stupid Pinay girls who really just adore Piolo too much to the point that they would skip classes if he came to town.  Any sensible female even for a fan, would not do that.  I mean it's as if Piolo knows them!  Okay I don't hate Piolo or anything, I'm just concerned about the stupid fandom regardless of gender.  Really skip classes for Piolo?  What stupidity!

Which has led to the reality again of some people borrowing money and NOT paying for it.  I might even think that a lot of the people who were lining up at the SM Mall of Asia just to get that One Direction ticket, then crying they can't get it might have borrowed tons of money for that VIP ticket when they can settle for less.  And really, what losers!  They could still be fans even if they don't watch the concert by listening to the original CDs.  Besides the concert is still next year, they're on time for it.  But with important stuff, why are they not on time for it?

Honestly I'm a fan of stuff like Jackie Chan, F4, 5566, etc. and they have their appearances.  I Google them up but I know I can't be there.  In fact, I have 99.9% have no chance of getting to see them.  But did I cry?  No!  I know I can't be there always but I can always be a fan can't I?  In fact, I'll grab the chance if I can but I have more important stuff to do than become such a fantard!