Pinoy Pridists and Their Possible View of Fun and Happiness

Happiness is important isn't it?  But a wrong view of happiness can be very devastating especially the Pinoy view of fun and happiness.  After reading a similar article at Get Real Philippines, I was thinking it's time I write on my own based on some experiences.  What the Pinoy mentality of happiness could be is being at a permanent state of bliss, an idle state, etc.  Not that I have something against loving one's work and taking work as a delight, the Pinoy has a perverted view of happiness.  I would love to blame the 300 years of Spanish rule to why this has happened.  The Spanish introduced fiestas into the Filipino culture, which in turn allowed them to rule 400 years unchallenged.  The once diligent natives were transformed into a society of lazy people!

So what's the Pinoy definition of happiness?  Is it being happy go lucky?  It COULD be considering some experiences I had with Pinoys.  I remembered how some people choose their leisure over their duty.  Some people do their duty because they want to.  I remembered how an incident happened that she had a practice to a performance to attend, instead she slipped away to Boracay for the weekend to attend a beach wedding.  Another incident involved just because Piolo Pascual was in the mall... they decided to dilly dally their projects just for him as if he knew them.  I mean nothing against those who watched Piolo at the mall during their day offs, self-employed, had nothing to do for the moment (that is just done a project and needed a break), no obligations as of the moment but SHAME ON THOSE who skipped their duties for fun.

The fiesta mentality is another.  It's probably the slogan of every extravagant feast to say, "Town Fiestas make it more fun in the Philippines."  Okay I have nothing against parties.  I attend parties.  I attend formal parties.  Town gathering can be fun but the problem is when the fiesta is treated as a necessity.  When Metrobank donated lots of money for Yolanda, they immediately dropped the appreciation party because of a lack of funds.  But many Pinoys celebrate even when money is hardly there.  As said, celebrations are okay but over-celebrating and having to make it lavish is not okay.  Also to wish that the concert would never end or the party would never end is stupid.  I mean, come on can you let the performing artists perform non-stop?!

It's also the shallow view of happiness or do what makes you feel good rather than taking delight in doing what is good.  A student may think "I'll skip school and go to the arcade because school is boring."  It' sjust like those people I mentioned who went to watch Piolo at the mall IN SPITE of having a duty to perform vs. those who watched Piolo at the mall when they had no duty to perform.  I mean, while some lined for One Direction's ticket on their leaves and some because they have done their duties, others may have lined there just for the sake of "happiness".  Some however may have bought the PHP 17,000.00 ticket for the concert not out of debt but out of rewarding themselves for once in their life.  Or the past issues, Pinoys are being too happy about Pacquiao's victory in spite of the fact that it is his victory, not theirs.

Sometimes I feel the Pinoy Pride happiness is not really happiness at times.  I mean why force people to cheer when they don't want to cheer for a certain Filipino?  I mean why cheer for Pacquiao if you are not a boxing fan?  Why cheer for Charice if you are not a fan of her?  It would be equivalent for a Chinese to force his/her child to cheer for Jackie Chan even if the child was not a fan of Jackie Chan.  Such stupidity can also lead to bullying and a wrong sense of entitlement.

Real joy can be found in taking delight in doing what is right.  Rather than focus on happiness to skip a burden, think that bearing burdens can ultimately lead to greater happiness.  Think of how a student's diligence can get him a better job.  Think of how hardworking employees can feed their families well even if they don't become rich.  Think about how Hong Kong's cleanliness and anti-crime policies protect the people.  It creates a safe environment.

When people learn to follow simple guidelines, having fun is much better.  I mean, I definitely don't want to think of somebody stealing my wallet while I'm watching a concert.  I don't want anybody being noisy while the performing artists are singing during a concert because everybody is there to enjoy the performance.  That's why there are reasonable rules, not to repress happiness but to protect it and give a greater sense of it.   After all leaving in a clean place gives greater comfort, being quiet when need be makes enjoying a performance better than ever and following simple rules leads to a greater sense of fulfillment.


  1. I think the "positive" thinking of Pinoys can be equated to the same feeling you get from being high on shabu...


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