Steven Slater is No Hero

One might remember the whole Jetblue Flight Incident with Steven Slater.  After an uncooperative passenger caused trouble, rather than be professional what did he do?  He said a lot of curse words via the airplane's intercom, grab some beer, inflated the emergency exit and ran off.  For some that incident last 2010 made him a hero but I'd like to really say that while I don't condone to bullying the service personnel BUT Steven Slater is no hero.

For one, his actions are what I would call him stooping down to the level of the bully flight passenger.  I mean he could have just resigned professionally or at least, complain it over to management.  But no, instead he decided to make a grandiose exit by swearing curse words.  That already revealed he was foul-mouthed. Now what was worse was that rather than apologize, he made that "grand exit".  For one, what he did was a violation of safety protocol and could have put not only his life in danger but also anybody near the plane.  I mean, you DO NOT pull down the emergency slide without a real emergency which signals people outside to stay as far as possible.  I mean somebody could have been injured.

Sad to say but Pinoys and Muricans try to make heroes out of this incident. =(