Unpolished Rice

Eating unpolished rice would start to lessen the milling time which some white rice millers also mill brown rice.  The process is simple- once the rice paddy goes under the first step of milling and dehusking, the product is immediately brown rice.  The rice variety however will give different colors like standard brown to red and black.

Any kind of rice whether it was organically farmed or not would result to brown rice, except organic rice results in a darker variety of brown rice.  Some of its varieties can now be eaten by the common people.

You can have red rice and black rice which have higher nutrients than brown rice because they were organically grown.  However they are pretty expensive considering the low yields organic farming has on rice farming.  Organic brown rice is pretty expensive which is "rice for the rich".

I am yet to try the black rice variety.  This is said to be the most nutritious type of rice.


  1. Haha. I remember when my brother first ate brown rice, he was immediately appalled by the taste... :P

    Didn't know there is red and black rice as well... :P


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