What's Wrong with the Pinoy Education System?

One of the biggest weaknesses of the Philippines today is the education system.  Despite the new implementation of K +12, is the system really ready for higher education?  One might consider these problems in the Philippine education system:

1.) Overly relying on the books which some of them are leftist written especially history books.  A teacher who begs to differ from the wrong information from the text book, he or she is at the risk of being fired.  One thing being bookish is not a good value.  Teachers should learn to seek more resources because a lot of textbooks sad to say are filled with the WRONG information.

2.) It's the system of "thou shalt not question the teacher at all" or "the teacher or superior is always right".  This mentality is another wrong trait that must be removed.  Teachers are human beings, they know better but that does not mean they can't be wrong.  It's utterly stupid how a Math teacher I knew quarreled with the judge of a Math competition even if her computations were obviously wrong.  In a teacher/student relationship it is a two way learning- student learns from teacher, teacher learns from student.  A student can tell the teacher he or she made a mistake based on the classroom notes.  The mentality that the teacher or superior is always right makes one susceptible to bullying politicians.

3.) Lack of practicality.  For example, how can one teach a history class if one does not teach current events?  The answer it's practically very stupid not to teach current events in a history class because everyday makes history.  Today's current events are the content of tomorrow's history books.  Some business classes even are outdated with banking practices and offers.  Really, why aren't business students taught how credit cards work?

4.) It's all just to get a degree.  A school is meant to educate but what kind of education is it when you just go to school to get a degree?  It's more of just indoctrination.  Pass your thesis, fine.  Then for all you know, it was a spurious thesis made by the "tabi-tabi" which is falsification of information.  Then you can have more stupidity laced with the just get a degree when the research works passed aren't doing anything new or dynamic to improve society.  Research work must be made to renew society, something new, something dynamic and not old recycled trash.  In short the schools are guilty of "pwede na yan" mentality.

5.) Grades and prestige become more important than learning and experience.  Having an 85.26% board rating does not give you the right to cover your ears in court.  When I thought about it, I remembered how somebody answered back at the bank manager, because the latter was a graduate from a lesser known school and she was an Ateneo de Manila graduate with honors.  The manager was not even a dean's lister.  But the result was that she still lost her job anyway because of disrespect.  Some people would cheat to get high grades rather than study to get high grades.  One can buy a high grade from a corrupt school but money cannot buy quality learning at all!  Some of the most expensive schools happen to be among those with the lowest learning imparted because of too many nonsense activities.

6.) Teaching wrong values such as Pinoy pride.  It's also another problem with the education system is that Pinoy pride is taught.  Some Philippine social studies teachers are what you would call Pinoy pridists and so are the Filipino language teachers.  They brag and brag about Filipino achievers as if the whole nation achieved it.  Then values like gate-crashing and being late are being taught either by word or by action.  Some are even double standard teachers- they don't practice what they teach!

So really, the Philippine education system must be fixed for a better Philippines!


  1. "One thing being bookish is not a good value." - Ouch, and I used to read my history textbooks in high school a lot... :P

    " One can buy a high grade from a corrupt school but money cannot buy quality learning at all! Some of the most expensive schools happen to be among those with the lowest learning imparted because of too many nonsense activities." - The more reason to let in foreign schools so as for them to have competition. Let's see if the students of these schools can still those cheating in the face of tough competition. (Although I don't count on it 100%)


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