Why the Lavish Party Life Mentality Won't Help the Philippines!

There is nothing wrong with parties.  I go to parties every once in a while like bank appreciation parties, anniversaries, weddings- nothing wrong with that!  But what is wrong with typical Pinoys today is that they think lavish party life is a must. I don't know if this is true but my former history teacher told me that the Spanish introduced the fiesta life to the Philippines so the people will be distracted.  Today, it is still being used by the oligarchy to distract people from things that matter.

I am not against celebrating, I celebrate my birthday with people in a private gathering or a buffet in some restaurant.  Or at times, I choose to celebrate simpler with some food at a local Dimsum.  If anybody passes the board it's a call for celebration.  But what becomes wrong is when people insist that parties must be lavish even if they don't have money.

The idea that lavish parties help forget problems is stupid.  It's like liquor addiction.  Drinking liquor to unhealthy amounts makes a person forget their problems but at the cost of health or even getting killed in a brawl or road accident.  Lavish parties require much more money to spend than a simple gathering.  I mean, I could spend around PHP 1,000.00 per head and up for some gatherings which at times, I end up spending PHP 25,000 or up.  At times, I don't do much gathering because I am trying to save money for bigger events.   As said, I like partying but being always lavish is stupid.

So the problem of partying lavishly as a need is this- it eats up more money you can imagine.  I mean, I did remember an auntie of mine even said that she would celebrate lavishly if it were some special occasion like her 25th wedding anniversary or a big birthday.  But other than that, she chose to remain thrifty.  

After all, it's not like as if I can't have fun if I ordered some affordable but delicious food.  I mean, a dimsum buffet might not be expensive but it's certainly tasty.  Some Filipino food restaurants aren't expensive but they are monster hits.  And besides, if you try to have a reasonable budget for quality over lavish spending, one will consider eventually you'll have the money to celebrate bigger when you really have a big event.