Filipinos Almost Everywhere Around the World: A Good Sign for the Philippines?

One may remember the sudden migration of Chinese almost everywhere.  My Hokkien relatives and my Cantonese relatives left China during the Mao Zedong regime.  Under Mao's regime, a lot of Chinese ended up migrating to different parts of the globe.  Even before Mao Zedong, some Chinese have willfully migrated China for other countries from the Philippines or even to the West.  It was not a good sign for China for many of its countrymen leaving China.  And right now, the same thing is happening to the Philippines.  A massive exodus of Filipinos leaving.  You have Filipinos working in different parts of the globe.  While the Pinoy pridist may brag and say, "That's evidence we Pinoys are taking over the world." have they even stopped and paused for awhile to think WHY many Filipinos are leaving the country in the first place? And it's NOT Filipinos taking over the world, it's Filipinos MOVING around the world looking for a better place to live in!

Let's think about how the Philippines was AFTER American occupation.  The Philippines was not always a poor country.  The ten years Commonwealth helped the Philippines but Quezon had foolishly said he'd  rather have Hell run by Filipinos than Heaven run by Americans.  That's a big problem and foolishness.  He got it!  First the Philippines had the 20 year Macoyist government then under 1987, more problems entered.  The 1987 Constitution declared that foreigners may only own 40% of shares and 60% must be Filipino owned, closing the economy.  It may look good on paper but it protected only scumbag monopolies and oligarchies.  Talk about how electricity and water are VERY expensive in the Philippines and how unemployment is really high.

I remembered asking people to why they were taking courses like IT, Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Nursing and Medicine... or any in-demand courses abroad.  Most of them answered because they were eager to go abroad.  And why abroad?  One may consider the high unemployment rate of the Philippines thanks to 60/40 and whoever thinks the Philippines is "blessed" with it is NUTS!  One may also consider the rampant, high index of corruption in the Pinoylitical arena where it's very Aliens vs. Predator.  Call for rejoicing that Filipinos are everywhere around the world huh?

Just think, you might consider a Filipino who has become American, Canadian or Singaporean.  So why did they leave?  The answer is usually for greener pasture.  And when they do succeed abroad, that's the only time they get praise from balimbing Pinoys.  One may think how outstanding Filipino talents and thinkers are shunned by their own people.  So why stay where they will only be shunned?  Filipino engineers who value quality would prefer to work in Japan than in the Philippines.  Great Filipino talents would prefer to be in Hong Kong or America.  One may also consider Filipino scientists may have more chances to do better in other countries than a nation that values no thinking.  It's a shame how they are shunned in their own birth place and are only celebrated when they succeed abroad, by the same people who shunned them!

A call for Pinoy pride?  No it's call for Pinoy shame.  The fact that the Philippines has Filipinos seeking to leave is but one proof that the country is not improving and not recognizing real talent and quality.  Sad to say but that's a truth that's plaguing the Philippines.  That kind of thinking must STOP!


  1. Man, Pinoys are like the Zerg, with the Pinoy Yellow government as the Overmind... :P


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