Is Entertainment the Pinoy's Top Priority?

I thought of the top incidents when people are putting TOO MUCH priorities on entertainment rather than important stuff.  Okay I do have entertainment, it's nice to have entertainment but putting TOO MUCH priority on it!  Just made me think of the typical Pinoy conversation can be this... sports, entertainment, upcoming concerts...  and they are ignoring important stuff such as the Philippine economic situation, the corruption in the government or the need to CHANGE their bad habits!

It's really something to think when people cry over not getting a VIP ticket to the next year's One Direction concert.  There were OTHER tickets.  And crying over that 1D ticket?  I'm just glad not everyone cried over it.  Some of them just accepted that the VIP wasn't for them.  Well I wonder if they had money to pay for their necessities?  As said, I can afford to buy one of those tickets but I'd rather buy a Samsung Smartphone or anything I can take home and use all over again.  I've had a lot of things I missed in life like I missed my chance to see a lot of live appearances of my favorites but I've learned to accept it.

Demanding justice for Vhong Navarro OH NEVER MIND how many more victims of injustice the Philippines has!  I mean, he's NOT the only victim of being beaten up.  What about any domestic helper who gets beaten up by the boss?  What about any boss who gets beaten up by a defiant employee?  Anybody who is a violence victim is just as important.

And it's no wonder why celebrities KEEP geting voted.  I mean, I'm already anticipating for a Kris Aquino presidency.  After all, didn't Erap and Unggoy get voted because of their celebrity status?  Didn't FPJ really win the election (and Gloria cheated to win) because of his celebrity status? I would like to mention Tito Sotto, Robert Jaworski become a Senator before, Lito Lapid, Bong Revilla, etc. because of THEIR celebrity status?

And now we have one reason why the country has no direction... TOO MUCH PRIORITY ON ENTERTAINMENT!