My Evil Math Teacher is Now Teaching in DepEd Tondo!

As said seek not revenge for it will come to those who deserve it sooner or later.  It made me think of some evil Math teacher who always insists she's right even she's wrong.  She has a habit of heckling and insulting her students who are weak at Math.  However she isn't qualified to teach high school Math.  What really amazes me is how incorrigible and stubborn she is.  As a Math teacher, she should know better than to be stubborn and bookish.  I mean, one wrong computation can mean a lot of damage.

Even after she was proven wrong by FACTUAL computations done by the judges, she still insists she's right which is wrong.  Math is a subject that's usually black and white, there's hardly a gray area in Math.  You follow the formula, you take it step by step- Math seeks to be accurate as much as possible because the wrong computations spells multiple disasters.  Later her bad attitude caused parents and then later the board of directors from where she was teaching to be fired.  It really served her right with how cruel she was to students.  In fact, teachers should be mentors and not tormentors.

Not surprisingly, she later ended up in Tondo.  So really good luck teaching to all those thugs who probably will beat that old hag up!