Oldie But Goodie: Why Hating Other Nations for Executing Guilty Filipinos Won't Help the Philippines

It's no doubt one of the many bad fruits of Pinoy protectionist policies is not only a closed economy that forces Filipinos to go abroad, one may also consider the sad reality of protecting guilty OFW.  Apparently the mindset of the Pinoy is this, "Pinoys can do no wrong.  If the Pinoy is guilty abroad, then he or she must be innocent." which is really stupid.

The problem began with the March 15, 1995 execution of Flor Contemplacion in Singapore after a three year and three months investigation.  One might consider the whole situation of "I HATE SINGAPORE" which was rallied with burning of the Singaporean flag by some leftists.  A film was even directed by Joel Lamangan which also had two of Flor's sons Joel and Jun Jun starring n the same film.  The film was acted by Nora Aunor as an anti-Singaporean film portraying Singapore as the "ultimate tyranny" in the light of North Korea.  Many Filipinos chose to believe the leftist film "The Flor Contemplacion Story" which was nothing more than a series of lies which catered to the Pinoy pride mentality.  A box office hit cannot change the truth that Flor Contemplacion was really guilty!

A "sequel" happened with the stories of drug mules Sally Villanueva, Ramon Credo and Elizabeth Batain who were executed on March 30, 2011.  So what happened was that Flor Contemplacion was the inspiration for Migraine International and other leftist groups said, "NO TO ANOTHER FLOR CONTEMPLACION."  Really they just can't tell that the difference between Sarah Balabagan and Flor Contemplacion is not the spelling but the offense.  Sarah Balabagan killed out of self-defense, Flor Contemplacion didn't.  And for the three drug mules, after a careful investigation for again THREE YEARS it was confirmed not to be a frame-up but rather, it was they knew what they were bringing. They wanted easy money so they brought in the drugs for a quick buck which is faster than being an honest to goodness worker.  And what happened after anti-Singaporism were Pinoy pridists and anti-Chinaism.

One may consider reading the comments of Pinoy pridists when it comes to Singapore and China.  Some people even made foul comments to kill all Chinese and Singaporeans for the sake of their fellow Pinoys.  But here's one thing we are missing is that the Philippines is a land of corrupt officials.  I mean, looking at the corruption index, the Philippines at one point reached number two.   Sad to say, the Pinoys apparently think nothing is wrong with their country.  In truth, no country is without a problem.

What is worse is that why in the world are Pinoy pridists making heroes out of these people?  It's stupid!  Heroes?  These people ruined other people's lives.  I could are less about any Chinese who gets executed in for a good reason like drug dealing, rape or murder... or just ANY RACE for the matter!  Drug mules are not heroes, they ruin others.  Let them return to the Philippines and they will continue to ruin the lives of other Filipinos.  The Filipino people are already plagued with with a lot of problems, please don't let those Pinoy drug mules return and ruin even their own people!

Also the Philippines for one is mostly unprepared should war break out.  America won't always be there, in fact Uncle Sam may even be fed up with the leftist polices.  Should the Pinoy pridists really do try to piss China off by going to the places where the three drug mules were executed, it might cause a drift.  I mean, even right now the Philippines' armed forces is not powerful enough compared to China.  The Philippines only has paper airplanes and plastic tanks compared to China's dragon army.  Being a Filipino grants no immunity whatsoever and does not set one race special over the other.  Any race can outrun another- I mean a Filipino can excel in science over an American, a Chinese can excel over an American in here, a Filipino can excel both but that individual's success is no merit to their whole race.

It's just about time to think WHY these guilty Filipinos were executed and why these crimes are happening.  Until the Philippines repeals the mandatory 60/40 offering higher joint venture ownership from 50% and above like China does and offering 100% ownership for stable companies, the Philippines will be plagued with unemployment for most of the country.  But sadly leftists really hate progress... and I believe with progress, they'll have no power over the gullible masses!