Oldie But Goodie: Why the Pinoy Drug Mule Problem?

While looking at the recent events concerning an "offensive" Hong Kong textbook that has stereotyped Filipinos as domestic helpers, I've also considered how non-glamorous it is to do menial jobs like being a carpenter, laborer, domestic helper, etc.  It might also explain why some lazy Pinoy men instead of looking for whatever work they can, don't work because it's very "nakakahiya" or embarassing in English.  It reminded me of Russell Contemplacion's story in "Magpakailanman" when that good for nothing husband of hers refuses to do work and lets the wife do all the work.

Now here's the tempting side of being a drug mule.  Being a laborer means sweat all day, being a domestic helper means sweat all day, being a carpenter is sweat all day... and even with higher salaries abroad, it's never enough to fill in for extravagant living.  There is the problem of "must have everything high class" like must have the latest iPhone model ignoring the need of iPon or whatever comes into the mind which may also cater to why drug mule problems are there.

Being a drug mule means EASY MONEY.  I don't even believe the three "martyrs" were framed, they did the crime, they MUST DO THE TIME!  They are not heroes.  I mean why do you think people who are extravagant do unethical stuff?  They easily run out of money for their extravagant lifestyles.  A braggart who buys an iPhone to brag may not be a rich man at all.  He may have bought the iPhone for whatever he has so if he wants instant money, will being an honest man do?  No.  Being a drug mule means easy money because they are paid by big time syndicates.

But the hard lesson of that is here.  Just because they aren't citizens of whatever country they are entering does not mean they do not follow rules.  I mean, every country is run by its laws.  Yo do the crime, you do the time.  Period.


  1. It's also thanks to the "blessing" of protectionism by St. Cory of Luisita, which prevents the entry of foreign businesses which could have filled in the void of unemployment which Filipino/Pinoy businesses could not do right now. Thus with only scarce jobs around, Filipinos/Pinoys are really susceptible to the temptation of being drug mules...


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