Pinoylitics Throws Away Credibility FOR WINNABILITY

So we have President Nobita who despite his ZERO bills passed, always snoozing on the job and during the coup of his late mother Cory's administration, where was he? At the disco!  And the problem with voting Prseident Nobita is this.  It's ALL because his late father was in the 500 peso bill, it's ALL because his late mother Cory died of cancer, it's ALL because of being an Aquino.  But liste, Nobita is NOT his father Ninoy.  In fact, to assume the child will be always like the father is stupid.  I mean, for example in entertainment we have it that Jaycee Chan is NOWHERE NEAR his father's charm!  Even if a child looks like his father, he is NOT his father.  And one thing, everybody is unique even twins or triplets or quadruplets!  We have our OWN genetic code, our OWN fingerprints! This is Pinoy Politics better known as Pinoylitics!

Apparently Pinoys really just like to vote people because of affiliation over credibility.  I mean why vote an inexperienced housewife?  An experienced authority figure regardless of gender is always more credible.  So why did they all rally for Cory?  It was because of her late husband Ninoy.  And unfortunately, the same syndrome was carried over when she died, when her only son Nobita got a sympathy vote.  Really, it's stupid!  And her death was the cause why people voted for Nobita? And what did that whole vote for Cory thing do?  Did it help the Philippines recover from Macoy's damage?  No!  It just made it worse with brownouts, unemployments, etc. and the oligarch system remained as is!

One might remember Sherap Estrada and his son Unggoy.  I could not forget how STUPID people can be too.  He's caught gambling and womanizing, he's still voted.  I can't deny he has political experience.  However what was he doing during his administration as president?  The JUETENG scandal!  Then you might as well think his cellphone has a call jueteng feature!  And late reven after the plunder raps against him, he was allowed to run for President AGAIN?  And now he's mayor AGAIN?!  Okay I appreciate the fact he did apologize to China BUT the problem is that Sherap is still really having questionable credibility.  And all because of all those Sherap films?  Oh puh-lease... voting for celebrities into office when they are not credible, is based on popularity vote!  Then we have Unggoy Estrada to think about.  He was voted and what for?  All because of Sherap, oh NEVER MIND all the offenses Sherap did!  I mean now Unggoy is part of the Napolist, the Pork Barrel scam.  And I mean, he really had all the nerve to admonish Vitaliano Aguirre Jr.'s rather minor disrespect when he himself has MORE to answer to, than the one time offense of covering one's ears in front of the judges.  And yet people still voted for him!

Or do consider these guys.  It's really stupid how people all keep voting for them.  Ernile and Honasan with their kudeta.  It was a mistake for the Cory Administration not to lock them up.  And you might consider Bong Revilla voted again because of what?  POPULARITY!  And then we might as well consider Bongbong Macoy who is much like father, like son!  Okay, we can't really keep on throwing the late President Macoy on Bongbong's face but you can't deny, somehow Bongbong Macoy is following in his late father's footsteps too!  So really come 2016 and maybe Macoy becomes president again?  And if not Macoy, Kris Aquino?  Really, it's a rock and a hard place but I don't think Pinoy voters care because it's Pinoylitics!

Now only if the Philippines will realize that throwing away credibilty for winnability is NOT democracy.  In fact the Philippine govenrnment is OFF THE PEOPLE because it FOOLS THE PEOPLE and BUYS THE PEOPLE which I have dubbed as Nobitacracy.  Even with Nobita out of power, the Philippines will remain a Nobitacratic state!  And one might even think that the Philippines is too entertainment oriented... why put too much emphasis in Vhong Navarro when he is NOT the only victim?!