Pinoy Pridists and Their Bloated Ego

During the whole Blood Stained Singaporean attack on all Filipinos which is uncalled for, the Pinoy pridist has also stooped down to the level of the author of Blood Stained Singaporean.  Unfortunately Pinoys have their badge above with the mark of the "bloated, oversensitive ego".  And how true.  One might consider all the incidents that happened.

I guess Pinoys are getting a taste of their own medicine huh?  For one, I was thinking about this textbook.  Sad but true it's very easy to generalize Filipinos as domestic helpers in Hong Kong because most of htem are domestic helpers in Hong Kong.  There are Filipinos who work as cooks, waiters, accountants, etc. but most of them are domestic helpers.  Some ultranationalist Pinoys got mad and called it racist.  But one thing was failed to be brought up was that Pinoy pridists are RACISTS too.  They think they are the greatest race in the world and look down at other races.  The truth of the matter is that for Pinoys, being a domestic helper or any menial labor service is a "lowly, non-glamorous job".  So the truth of the matter is, they want easy jobs that can easily net them the latest iPhone model, the latest iPad model, the latest trends... so it's safe to assume that's another reason why Pinoy drug mules have become a problem for the Philippines.

Another is this situation.  Pinoys think that the Philippines is only for Pinoys.  For one, the Philippines is a country for ALL who call it home.  It was once named after King Philip, later it became a country for all races in it.  The Pinoys have their "Nazi view" against Filipinos who aren't Filipino by blood like the Filipino-Chinese, Filipino-Spanish and Filipino-Americans.  Maybe mostly against Filipino-Chinese.  If Hitler hated the Jews and wanted them eradicated, I guess the Pinoy Nazis want to kill the Filipino-Chinese to "purify" their country ignoring the fact that Chinese trading with Filipinos already happened even before the Spanish occupation.

Which is also why the Pinoy leftist groups are always having their "Anti-Foreign" protests.  What they don't realize is that the Philippines is a fragile state.  Should war break out between Philippines and China, the Philippines is just a sitting duck.  Obviously the leftists know if the country gets progressive, there will be much less dirt poor people to recruit for their quest for power.

Not to mention the oligarchy.  The oligarchs have their ego and if they are tolerated with their sinful monopoly, one may consider this.  If the economy is opened up, they will be forced to compete and be better.  But no, Globe won't get rid of data caps (which I believe Bum Aquino thinks they rock).  Meralco will continue to be the provider of oligarchtricity which in turn has been responsible for abusing its customers, frequent brownouts and power surges.  Obviously the 1987 Constitution's mandatory 60/40 policy is nothing more than proof of the self-serving Pinoy culture.

And these two pictures illustrate just how Pinoys respond to proper criticism and scrutiny.  They treat it as something to cover your ears too or a bullet to the head.  For one they can all do the Philippines a favor by shooting themselves!


  1. If criticism literally kills, I guess Pinoys would have been extinct ages ago. Good riddance by then...


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