The Bad Pinoy and the "I'm Royalty" Type of Thinking

While reading this article at Get Real Philippines, I was thinking out from it I derived the idea to write about the bad Pinoy and the "I'm royalty" mentality.  Based on observation, here's what can be commonly seen among MANY Pinoys as part of their "I'm royalty" mentality:

1.) I must have more, you will always have less.  The Pinoy believes they are entitled to invest 100% outside and refuse to do a joint venture.  However in their home country, they only allow foreigners to own 40% and no more than that.  China though it does not always grant 100% ownership at least gives a minimum of 50% for fair shares and you may even be lucky to get 100% if you are stable enough!  Not in the Philippines!

2.) You do all the work, you are the slaves, I am the king/queen!  You can think of bad governance under this.  The authority figure thinks that since they are in authority, they have the least responsibility.  Where's public service?  As said, service is a give and take cycle.  Authorities are served and they also serve.  Servants serve and are served.  The carpenter does the labor, he then requests his higher ups for materials he needs to accomplish his labor.  The higher ups give the carpenter his materials to work.  But the Pinoy authority?  It's the simple mentality of making the workers make bricks without straw!

3.) Only Pinoy talent must be recognized.  To be honest the proposal of the Filipino Tongress to remove the rights of Filipinos to bring copyrighted materials like CDs, books and DVDs from abroad is STUPID!  For them, they are the best in the world and they must be the only winners.  If a Filipino loses in a competition, they shout RACIST without seeing they themselves are racist.  If a Filipino wins, they rub it into the face of others that Pinoys are the superior race of the world!

4.) I must get credit and glory even without the work.  This is the free rider mentality.  For them, they are entitled to credit without work.  the typical Pinoy student in a group jumps into the bandwagon but does not contribute a single thing.  Again they become the don/donya and the rest become the slaves even if that particular person is not the group leader.  This is one of the worst forms of parasitism.  This is also what you would call wanting progress without work.  It's even worse if the relatives decide to support a lazy extended family because it's Pinoy tradition.

5.) You must respect my wants all the time.  This is typical when they have their unexcused absences when they don't have a valid leave or a day off.  For example, if the screening of the latest movie or if Piolo Pascual (or any celebrity Filipino or not) came to town, they make it more important.  It was something to think that a teacher refused to give a special midterm test for a student who was absent because she went to the mall to see an actor come to town.  The student demanded that the teacher should respect her wants because it's a "democratic country".  Also we can observe that with how many Pinoy drivers treat the road as if they are the king of it or employees who answer back to their bosses when they are scolded.  Hmmm would you count Vitaliano Aguirre Jr.'s defiance in the Senate in this category too?  I mean he could have just moved out of the room and filed a complaint against Miriam's unethical behavior rather than make a bravado speech over there.

6.) Charging higher costs to tourists than to locals.  Some business establishments are sadly really crooked in this practice.  Take for example that the tourist is charged higher for not being Filipino.  Doesn't that give the impression that foreigners aren't welcome?  So much for Pinoys saying they value equality!

7.) Doing manual labor sucks.  There are honest to goodness Filipinos who go abroad to become domestic helpers in places like Hong Kong and Singapore and some who aren't.  With this one because even if a domestic helper in Singapore receives protection from the Singaporean government against abusive employers, it's no quick buck.  Being a domestic helper in Singapore does the same amount of manual effort as being a domestic helper in the Philippines.  Rather than do decent manual labor, they want a quick buck which makes me think could be the reason why there are Pinoy drug mules!  After the death of Plor Kontempasyon, her son-in-law won't do any manual labor because it's "not glamorous" and prefers to be lazy bum.  Another was that the three children Sandrex (who died in prison) and the twins Joel and Jun Jun were later arrested for drug dealing.  And I would like to believe that many Pinoy drug mules who are in the death row are probably wanting easy money so they are so easy to recruit by fugitive Chinese who run drug businesses in the Philippines where it is "more fun" for them considering the short travel distance rather than going to Mexico or Brazil.

8.) I must have everything high class.  It's a huge problem isn't it?  Even if they don't have money everything must be high class.  He's poor but he refuses to ride the jeepney because he must ride the taxi.  His shoes must be this expensive brand.  His cellphone should be an i-Phone and yet he has so little or no ipon (savings).  He goes fooling around with women even if the family is suffering financially.  He must eat in very expensive restaurants.  He must and the list goes on.  One might consider the reality that despite his class lifestyle, he is in reality buried in debt!

9.) I can be late but not you.  This is another good example of Pinoy hypocrisy. They say you have to be on time but they make you wait for them even for hours.  Timeliness must be met on both parts, not just one.

Aren't these all REALLY annoying?  As said, it's time to Get Real Philippines!  It's time to get rid of being Pinoy and being a true Filipino!


  1. "6.) Charging higher costs to tourists than to locals." - This reminded me of my talk with my psychologist, in which he related he had the same experience as well in which he was with foreign tourists who were made to pay more than he did just because they are foreigners (Pinoy probably think foreigners are walking ATM's). But then, he also related how tourists in Hong Kong, be they local or foreign, get to pay the same price no matter what services or amenities they will be getting...

    "8.) I must have everything high class." - A more recent example would be those 1D fans who spent a lot of cash just to get VIP tickets.


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