The Pinoy Pridists' Twisted View of Philippine Independence Day

Since tomorrow is Philippine Independence Day, it might be good to take a good look at the Pinoy's view over the Filipino's view.  As stated, Pinoys are lowly citizens of the Philippines who because of their supposed being "purely Filipino" think they are above everyone.  A Filipino on the other hand is the good citizen of the Philippines.  And one might remember in the past, the term "Filipino" was not meant for the natives of the country but for the pure SPANISH descent born in King Philip's new territory.  Hmmm... interesting huh?

 So what's the Pinoy's definition of Independence Day?  It's probably a Philippines only of Pinoys, by Pinoys and for Pinoys.  A Philippines free from foreign influence.  But to think of what Philippine Independence Day means, it means freedom from foreign control NOT from foreign influence.  The U.S. got its independence when George Washington fought the British but later, the U.S. still had relations with Britain after that while refusing to be controlled by outside power.

They look down or hate Chinese and other races.  What is ignored are these facts:
  • The Chinese have been trading in the Philippines even before the Spanish colonization.  So Chinese influence had already made it right into the Philippines even before Spain colonized it!
  • The Filipino people are descended from many settlers, Chinese included.
  • Some of the important figures of the Filipino people are Chinese by blood or has Chinese ancestry.  Some of these are:
    • Jose Rizal was mostly Chinese.
    • Andres Bonifacio's mother has half-Chinese. 
    • Sergio Osmena Sr. was an illegitimate child of Gotiaco and a Filipino woman.
    • Marcelo H. Del Pilar was Chinese.
    • Ignacio Paua was Chinese by birth but Filipino by death.
    • Manuel Tinio was Chinese by blood.
    • Emilio Aguinaldo was Chinese.
    • Manuel L. Quezon was half-Chinese.
  • During the 400 years of Spanish influence, a lot of native women were impregnated by Spanish settlers which then again, how many percent of Filipinos have Spanish blood?
  • And the Filipino-Chinese are also part of the population from Spanish colonization up to present and President Nobita is Chinese by blood (but are they sure the Aquinos were not really of Japanese descent?).  Well not that I respect Chinese who are scumbags, scumbags exist in every race.  And for one we might consider these were also Chinese.  Today the Philippine economy is also controlled by Filipino-Chinese businessmen.  Without them, the Philippines would be as dead as South America or Africa.
  • Tikoy, bihon, tanghon, ampao and ma-tsang are born out of CHINESE influence!
  • The Philippines was named after King Philip, a Spanish King!  
  • Nipa huts are not Filipino only houses.  In fact, they exist almost anywhere around the world!

And here's another, I could point out the hypocrisy of the hyper-nationalists and leftists like Bobo Muna, Akbobo, Anak ng Bobo, Migraine International, etc. with some of the following truths:
  • You see stupid people like Toady Casino protesting against "imperialism" while they are wearing a mixture of Filipino and non-Filipino clothing.  I mean you could be wearing a locally made shirt and wearing imported pants at the same time!  Worse they are using American equipment to do so or they are still on Facebook, Twitter or ANY social media.  Toady even has his own Facebook page!
  • So they hate foreigners as "invaders" but why do they brag that Pinoys are invading the world via OFWs?
  • They declare themselves "free" from foreign influence but do they know fiestas are NOT a Filipino thing?  Fiesta and barrio are SPANISH in origin.  And a lot of Filipino foods are born out of Spanish influence!
  • They demand to be recognized but they refuse to recognize the talents of others.  They want 100% ownership anywhere around the world but refuse to give 100% ownership to foreign firms?  Obviously self-centered hypocrisy!

So really if those Pinoys want to be "independent" then good luck in trying to control the nation or better yet, as said they should find some uncharted island to start a new nation there!