Why Pinoy Pridists Should Form THEIR Own Separate State!

If one can remember the problem of Mao Zedong vs. Chiang Kai Shek, the only solution was to form two separate states.  Chiang Kai Shek went to Taiwan island to form the Republic of China while Mao Zedong formed the People's Republic of China.  I just had a thought for Pinoys might as well do the same.  After all, they hate foreign influence don't they?  They want a pure Pinoy culture do they?  I just had a thought there might be a few uncharted, unregistered islands below the Philippines for them to form their own separate state!

So why form their own separate state?  They hate America?  CHECK!  They hate foreign investment?  CHECK!  They think they are the greatest?  CHECK!  They hate... well the list can go on.?  CHECK!  The Philippines will have America as its ally, the Philippines will get some foreign investments in spite of the ridiculous 60/40 because it's still better than Africa or most of the third world, the Philippines still has the Visayas as a business basket.  Foreigners may still invest in the Visayas in areas like Cebu, Iloilo and Bacolod not minding the 60/40 IF they can get good partners but really, 60/40 should be repealed in favor of 50% and higher ownership.  Besides, I doubt it One Direction will cancel their tour that easily, which again let them perform in the Philippines to butthurt those extreme nationalists!

Looking at Toady Casino himself, I think he should just form his own island-nation in some uncharted island near the Philippines with all the Pinoy pridists.  After all, didn't Chiang Kai Shek go to Taiwan to form his own country when Mao Zedong took over China?  And that's what I suggest Toady Casino to do- form his own state!  Let him create his own nation and show the Philippines that a nation of Pinoys can float and survive.  After all they want no Americans?  They want no Chinese among them?  They want no foreign blooded people among the,?  Let them group together and go somewhere to form their own nation!

Then they can start with their own "Pinoy pride nation" and name it whatever they want like as I imagine it the Pinoypines... which of course let's see how long a group of undisciplined people like them can survive!  And I would expect this nation to use Alibata for writing, Baybayin for language, go back to Stone Age or whatever... but regardless let's see if the nation can even last for a year or two!


  1. Hmm, now I could just hardly imagine what will it be like if ever they were able to celebrate their Independence Day... :P


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