Oldie But Goodie: Why Declaring Executed Pinoy Criminals Abroad as "National Heroes" Is A Bad Thing for the Philippines

As I've said the Flor Contemplacion Complex became a running problem for the Philippines which is another reason why the country is going down the drain.  The Flor Contemplacion situation had a lot of rallies prior to her execution after three years and three months of investigation.  It became a problem for the Philippines to have the situation of calling every guilty Filipino executed as a "hero" just as Fidel V. Ramos foolishly called Flor Contemplacion a heroine.  The same happened to three drug mules later... Ramon Credo, Elizabeth Batain and Sally Villanueva instead of being hailed as criminals, were hailed as heroes.

What does this kind of practice do?  The fact that the Pinoy culture is all about "cover up" even for their GUILTY friends, is not going to help the Philippines move forward.  After all, people can only move forward if they can take constructive criticism and accept that they are wrong.  People can only move forward when justice is given as it should be due.  But the Pinoy is one who hates constructive criticism, he thinks he's right all the time, he takes pride in being Pinoy and just is ethnocentric, thinking that Pinoys are the greatest race, the invincible race and other related B.S. you can think about.

By making such scumbags as "heroes" the Philippines just shows it's a society that doesn't value real morality.  There is nothing heroic about cold-blooded murder or smuggling harmful drugs anywhere around the world. Murder is a harm to society.  Harmful drugs can help increase crime, suicides and deaths by complication.  Would yo consider it heroic for somebody who murdered her boss' son and co-helper?  Would you consider it heroic to be involved in a drug smuggling case?  Would you consider it heroic to be involved in mail order fraud?  Or in short would you consider it heroic to be involved in ANY immorality?  Besides why should we talk about respect to life WHEN these criminals don't respect life in the first place?

Really what's gotten into the Philippine mindset?!


  1. Watcha expect? Our government is made up of criminals, so I guess it's natural for them to protect their own kind... :P


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