Satirical News: President Nobita Blamed by Department of Agriculture for Pork Price Hike!

After the arrest of some Pork Barrel Senators namely Unggoy Estrada and Ramon Reviler, President Nobita had introduced a new stupid concept of piggery.  President Nobita currently ordered new pig pens to be created for pigs, namely every pig in the farms were given air-conditioned cells, cushioned beds and whatever conveniences a pig may have.  The result was that the prices of pork increased by 20x than the usual price of pork today thanks to President Nobita's yet another stupid policy called the "Pork Raising Policy of 2014".

Above is a picture of the new piggery system.  Here pigs are given "special treatment" prior to butchering, thanks to President Nobita.  Farming costs have increased a lot thanks to extra utility.  The pigs have a nice comfy cell prior to them being butchered.  Unfortunately hog raisers are facing expensive bills thanks to President Nobita's mandate of giving pigs special treatment.  Farmers had no choice but to sell pigs much higher than usual to the slaughtering houses causing the prices of pork to go higher as well.

Several people complained about the prices of pork have increased.  After all, it was estimated that each pig thanks to President Nobita's agricultural policy now costs PHP 1,000,000.00 per hog.  Farmers are now complaining that they barely have enough to pay for their utilities which in turn forced them to raise up the prices of the pigs for slaughtering.