The Pinoy is More Pro-Birth Than Pro-Life

Okay I don't have a problem with well to do families with having more than two children as long as they practice safe pregnancy tips (like giving allowance before having another child) or practice smart budget habits, BUT the problem is the Pinoys and their mentality towards having children is different.  What looks like it is for the Pinoy is a different outlook.  For them, children are their best security never mind if they don't have money to feed them.  I heard a person once say he doesn't care if he lives in the streets as long as he has lots of children.  He says his children will be happy anyway, which is a false sense of happiness or the "state of euphoria".  However let's take a look of what's going on.

If all Pinoys want is a child born but not a child fed properly, a child educated properly, a child given his basic needs... then that's not pro-life!   This is what puts the Filipino family unit at risk because they just want to have many children but never mind feeding them properly, educating them properly, given basic needs which results to terrible results.  I mean, what kind of person is so inhuman to not care about having children who are scrapping for pagpag as long as he or she has lots of them?

Children like these can be the result of the pro-birth mentality.  And are these the hope of the future?  If Jose Rizal were alive today and saw these he would eat back his words.  Squatters tend to have lots of children and in the long run, leaves them just as undisciplined as any rich spoiled brat.  The issue is not social status but how parents raise their children.  You can be rich and proper or you can be poor and improper, just as you can be poor and proper or rich and improper. Then they are just there begging and probably stealing or insisting their own way because the parents could be just leaving them alone.

So really, is the Pinoy really pro-life or pro-birth?


  1. And the Katolitard Church is not helping either, considering their twisted view of "Go forth and multiply." Well, I guess they view us only as a slave factory, eh? If they want kids that badly, why don't they go ahead and have kids themselves? It's not as if their "holiness" will be negatively affected... :P


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