A Lot of Pinoy Pride Habits Were Developed During Spanish Colonization!

Like it or not, but Pinoy pridists will have to realize that a lot of their bad traits are not Filipino but SPANISH in influence.  The 400 years of Spanish colonization obviously turned the Philippines into a state close to that of South American countries (which are worse).  I hope that any anthropologist in the Philippines will examine this for correction and pursue this research.

Here are some bad traits that Pinoy pridists inherited from the Imperial Spaniards:

1.) The fiesta mentality.  

I remembered my history teacher who is now a College professor said that the Spaniards brought fiesta to the Philippines as a way to distract its native inhabitants.  The Imperial  Spanish occupants used psychological warfare and what better way than fiesta.  Fiesta is also a Spanish word so it provides a dilemma to the Pinoy pridist if they should keep fiesta as part of their tradition.  The fiestas were always having the excuse by Pinoy pridists as their way to make merry to forget their problems never mind it will them buried in debt.  One lavish fiesta after the other was introduced such as the barrio fiesta.  Certainly there is nothing wrong with feasts but the Philippines is too stuck with having so many feasts.

2.) The manana habit

The word "manana" is Spanish.  The manana habit is the support of procrastination or putting what can be done today until it's too late.  It is always putting everything aside and doing one's tasks at the last minute.  It's because they want to put "happiness first" instead of "work first".  It's easy to see this habit done so much whenever people always put their work behind and do it only at the last minute.  The consequences are always shoddy work which the Philippines is doomed to mediocre standards.

3.) Crab mentality

The Spaniard as I heard from my Filipino-Spanish friend is usually every man for himself and every woman for herself.  Only a few Spaniards avoid this mentality!  Sad but true even from a Spanish, I hear that most Spaniards are known for dragging their fellows down.  Today in the Phulippines, the crab mentality is preventing the Philippines from moving forward.  It's no wonder why intelligent Filipinos only succeed abroad!

4.) Looking down at service personnel as slaves

The Imperial Spaniard looks at service personnel as "slaves" which is what polo or forced labor did.  They made slaves of the inhabitants of the Philippines.  Unfortunately this mentality has stuck into the minds of Pinoy pridists.  Pinoy pridists like the Imperial Spaniards look down at jobs like being a maid, a cook, a janitor, a laborer as "lowly" and would refer an easy job.  It's no wonder why a lot of Pinoys got outraged when a HK textbook called the Filipino a domestic helper or maid.  For them being a servant is a lowly job.  Instead, they would rather not work saying it's shameful to be working under the heat of the sun, make alibis and would take an "easy money job" like being a drug pusher or drug mule never mind they might end up in the death row!

5.) High class "I'm royalty" mentality

The Imperial Spaniards were very arrogant.  I mean, think of how often the natives of the Philippines were treated like trash.  Unfortunately this also passed the seeds of arrogance to them.  Manila was the capital of the Philippines from Spanish colonization to today.  Imperial Manila is still the same arrogant place, only under different governance.  The Tagalogs are usually labeled as arrogant and conceited.  Think about it... they must have everything high class.  Maybe some non-residents of Imperial Manila who went to buy a One Direction ticket or attended the Rurouni Kenshin: Kyoto Inferno event were satisfied to get whatever was available.  On the other hand, Imperial Manila residents made a show just because the VIP ticket of One Direction was sold out while others settled for the next best ticket professionally when it was sold out.  Maybe some Rurouni Kenshiners were already causing a ruckus but were apprehended because they wanted to be in the front row... as if the cast members even knew them!  This also contributes to extravagance.  Such a person has an i-Phone but he has no ipon (savings) and drives a BMW but is a BWM (broke without money).  This also may contribute to why many Pinoy pridists prefer the "quick money jobs".  The Pinoy pridists thinks everyone should bow to him or her everywhere he goes!

6.) I'm superior above all races

The cycle of oppression plants the desire to usurp the oppressor but may also end up planting the same kind of arrogance.  If blacks were treated badly by whites, in Africa some blacks are seeking for black supremacy.  The Imperial Spaniards acted like they owned the world.  Unfortunately this trait was carried over by Pinoy pridists. If the Imperial Spanish massacred Chinese, the Pinoy hates every other Filipino who is supposedly not "pure blood" as if they were pure Filipino or Pinoy.  The Pinoy pridist says, "Pinoys are the greatest in the world." whenever a Filipino succeeds abroad, never mind how they dragged him or her down during his earlier days and the cycle repeats itself.  For the Pinoy pridist, he or she is the greatest and he or she is invincible.  For them, they only want to support Pinoy only and close the economy as a result.  This has also resulted to criticize the poor quality of your fellow countryman as "treasonous" as a result.

Name any more?  Just comment!


  1. I guess us treating our service personnel like shit is also a reason why our services our shitty...

    Meanwhile, in Japan:



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