Are Failipinos THAT Short-Sighted?!

One of the biggest problems that hits the Philippines today that turns Filipinos into Failipinos is the value of being short-sighted.  Being short-sighted means to think only of now and not plan at all for long term.  No wonder Failipinos are very spendthrift and lazy, they want to be in a perpetual state of bliss which is just utterly impossible.  Now for some incidents:

The HK textbook incident or any other incident proves how short-sighted Failipinos are.  After Failipinos were depicted as "domestic helpers", Failipinos got angry and caled it racist, they say HK should apologize.  And has the Philippines apologized to Hong Kong over that MUCH BIGGER Rolando Mendoza incident?  President Nobita just treated it as a joke, well at least Sherap no matter how much I want to see him executed, did apologize to Hong Kong!

Remembering the No Direction ahem One Direction ticket line incident, it was a show of how short-sighted people can be.  And why the chaos?  It wasn't as if there weren't any other tickets available.  Man, they had their "I MUST HAVE VIP TICKET" mentality that time, which for me is just stupid. Personally, I would want a VIP ticket myself but it's not always there.  When the VIP ticket was consumed, a mini-chaos ensued as if there weren't diamond tickets or others!  And what did they do?  Cry in front of the camera and throw tantrums over VIP tickets!  Wrong sense of entitlement is all I can say to that!  But kudos to all One Direction fans who just bought the next ticket after the VIP were gone and simply moved out without causing a chaos.

The idea of happiness first over duty or temporary pleasure.  As long as it makes me happy, that's all that matters without measuring right and wrong.  Now nothing wrong with going to the Rurouni Kenshin: Kyoto Inferno event during one's day-off or going to buy the One Direction ticket during one's day off, I mean if I had my day-off, I would certainly go there but to file a fake sick leave for such reasons is far too short-sighted!

It's all about them, them and them!  That's why I hate Philippine leftists because while they say they love their country, they are a disgrace to it.  They only think about their "image" and all about Pinoy pride never mind how mediocre, lazy and bad the Philippine standards are and that they need change!  They would cause trouble to anything that destroys the "Pinoy pride" image.  I just love using Toady Casino as an example!

What is disturbing me more than the One Direction VIP incident and that minor sick leave to see Takeru Sato incident are the reasons why Failipinos commit suicide or commit murder.  Okay I won't upload any of those bloody pictures here BUT that picture of Nobita about to "kill himself" will do.  I've read people killing themselves over their relationships or even something as simple as DOTA.  Even somebody killed himself because he had a lower score in DOTA than the others.  Some even commit murder over trivial issues like insults, being defeated and so on.

Again, FLIPFAGs will hate me for this...