Hmmm I Want a "Pet Mogwai"

So yeah the Mogwais were dangerous (most of them) except for Gizmo... and fortunately they're not real.  So what I was thinking is that since they are not real, I want to get myself a toy Mogwai for the sake of display.  I mean, I have had toy dogs, I want to get a toy raccoon and I want a toy Mogwai which is pretty hard to find... =P.  So I thought I want the battery operated one or not.  But still, I just want to get one of them.

From the movie, the rules were never get him wet, never expose him to bright light nor feed after midnight.  Which I just thought, fortunately this one gets wet and never releases any evil versions of itself, it doesn't need to be fed (come on, it's not real) nor will it perish under bright light since it's not real.  However if it comes too expensive, I might as well drop it from my wishlist.