It's Qualification, NOT Gender That Matters!

One of the worst things to happen in a world today is gender biases with promotions.  I mean, it's easy to look down at a competent female boss and love your incompetent male boss for a sexist male and the opposite can be true.  But what is reality is that, gender is NOT the issue of qualification when it comes to a promotions although I honestly wouldn't be sending women to do super duper exhausting jobs like coal mining.  Now for my point on qualification over gender for promotions:

Sometimes some women have more balls than men do (and vice versa).  I mean, it's downright wrong for a woman not to take charge when she can take charge.  Then again, being a man or a woman is NOT the issue but qualifications.  Nobody should be promoted for gender... because it will only create dull leadership in the process.  A stupid woman is just as stupid as a stupid man, no questions asked.  When a male boss refuses to promote an incompetent female, it's not sexist but rather it's qualification based.  It would be sexist if he promotes an incompetent male over a competent female based on gender.

I personally admire it when there's a man/'woman team.  People are different, nothing is absolutely equal and genders are subject to that.  A team composing of not only brains but genders can help.  For one, a competitive team is never based on gender to start with.  A good leader is never gender dependent but rather, influence dependent.  Anybody who can influence a team to move forward is always the better leader.  A good manager is also never based on gender but management ability.  Unfortunately gender biases tend to remove a lot of competency in the process.  Gender biases as said, are really bad for business!