Unhealthy Competition is Bad for the Economy!

For the Pedronomist, he believes in the overly open ecnonomy, the survival of the fittest which is actually encouraging unhealthy competition.  One reason why competition must be regulated while at the same time giving joint ventures 50% and up for foreigners or 100% ownership for selected firms, is to avoid too much competition.  China itself as an open economy despite being Communist, actually does not allow encouraging too much competition.  Sad to say but Philippines also inherited the legacy of crayfish mentality from the Muricans.  Crayfish would always destroy each other not allowing the other to succeed.

As said, survival will be determined by the test of time but to encourage unhealthy competition is too much to which, while 60/40 must be removed but competition must also be kept in check:

Here's one example of Kentucky Friend Chicken ruining Chicken Joy in America.  Now this is just stupid.  I do like KFC Chicken better than Jollibee (while I'm a patron of Jollibee burgers) but come on, why derail Jollibee?  We must allow competition.  After all, I would admit I still do eat Chicken Joy even if I like Mc Chicken better.  Having more than one supply of fried chicken does better than for one brand to crush the other!

 Now here's Burger King derailing McDonalds.  This is just utterly stupid.  For one, what's next?  Jollibee derailing McDolands?  I would admit I love Jollibee burgers more than McDolands, but it doesn't mean I don't love McDoland's burgers, it's just that I like it less.  I mean, I want to have more than one type of hamburger.  I love Army Navy's huge burgers and I love Jollibee's snack burgers.  What's wrong with that?

What must be realized that in competition, there is always a boundary to it.  IF 60/40 restricts it, the overly open economy converts everything into the philosophy of locking firms against each other in Mortal Kombat.  What must be understood is that even in developed economies, a cartel happens when rice dealers secretly supply each other to restrict competition and to allow fair competition.  To encourage businesses to destroy each other in Mortal Kombat can greatly diminish the supply of a certain product in the market.  For example, wouldn't it be nice to have a Samsung laptop, an Apple iPad, a Sony Playstation 4 with a Sony TV and different brands than just one?  It would also be nice to have many choices.

What unhealthy competitions will do is that they may inevitably lead to oligarchies AGAIN.  For them, the winner of the battle is the creator of the new era.  Whether it's a foreigner's oligarchy or a local man's oligarchy, expect it to be OPPRESSIVE!  The mentality of letting the strong destroy the weak will just diminish society into nothingness.

Let incompetence destroy itself.  After all, let the cheap dirty canteens be flattened by the cleaner eateries.  Incompetent businesses will find themselves defeated.  On the other hand, competent businesses must compete within healthy boundaries to keep supply going.