Why Calling Filipinos as Domestic Helpers in Hong Kong IS NOT RACIST!

It's pretty annoying how the ultranationalist FLIPFAG has their bloated ego to think about.  One must question, "Is it racist to call a Filipino in HK a domestic helper?"  The answer I could only think of is no and let me tell you why.  There is nothing to be ashamed about being an OFW who is a domestic helper or a maid because it's an honorable job.  While others would want the short cut, being a maid by profession is a clean job.  In the past, people become servants when they are at poverty, their masters are obliged to treat them well and they are obliged to serve.

The idea that being called a "domestic helper" or "maid" being racist can only come from the Pinoy ego.  The Pinoy considers jobs like being a domestic helper, construction worker, vendor, sales person, janitor, waiter, etc. to be "nakakahiya" which means shameful in English.  The Pinoy ego always seeks to be uplifted, they don't value work and for them, menial labor is lowly and shameful.  However it isn't racist because being a domestic helper as a stereotype is always much better than calling Filipinos as Japayukis, drug mules and the like.

With the idea of menial labor to be disgraceful and a "slow" way to earn money, these types of people are easy to recruit as agents for drug syndicates.  Remembering Flor' Contemplacions sons the late Sandrex and the twins Joel and Jun Jun, they wasted the money from the movie about their mother, they dropped out of College and instead of working in any decent job, they were later convicted of selling narcotics as a way to make "easy money".  Since the idea of them having to work through as a humble servant while pushing through College is dumb, they would want that instant gratification.

Looking at this, what Pinoys don't realize is that this humble domestic helper in Hong Kong chooses to suffer affliction for now rather than enjoy the pleasures of wickedness for a season.  The OFW may not be able to immediately get nice stuff compared to those Pinoys who work as agents for drug syndicates.  But one thing must be noted, money that is easy come is easy go.  The foreign government could care less who is the offender, you do the crime, you do the time!  As to think of it, the humble domestic helper may soon get out of poverty if they can manage their funds.  Meanwhile the Pinoy drug mules may soon land in the death row and NO APPEAL from the Philippine government can save them!