Are These Guys Running The Current Power Rangers?!

Knowing that Power Rangers is currently airing in Nickelodeon (they should really consider getting another network, Nickelodeon is NOT Toku compatible)... I would want to speculate on how Saban is running things and with Saban, hmmm... I've already started to think very negatively about him with how he's returned... I expected him to return PR to its roots but heck, it's already a stale Krabby Patty:

Mr. Krabs is ON the budget.  Yup, Power Rangers Samurai and currently Power Rangers Megaforce is really, REALLY cheap.  Some people have the opinion that Haim Saban is a cheapskate. As of late, it's as if the budgeting officer of Saban Brands IS Mr. Krabs or Saban is Mr. Krabs.  Toei might as well consider approving the title "Krabs' Power Rangers" instead of "Saban's Power Rangers" with how Haim Saban is running things for Power Rangers as of late.  He used to be the Cake Boss of America, now he's just Mr. Krabs.

Almost every script is a result of mediocre writing and not with the heart.  If I can write a terrible story because I didn't put in heart into it, big-time writers can be like that.  It's as if Squidward is the writer of PR Samurai and PR Megaforce.  No fresh blood whatsoever.

Spongebob is the producer and director at the same time.  He just obeys Mr. Krabs without question.  Apparently this doesn't sit so well, because, with Mr. Krabs' lazy concepts and Spongebob just being a yes man, don't expect Power Rangers to return big time!